New Year’s makeup look

New Year is coming and I am sure you want to celebrate the day as stylish as possible. Don’t we all want to look our best for the New Year’s Eve? Not to worry, I have prepared for you an easy make-up look that I am sure will give you this confident, sexy look you have been looking for. And with this make-up, there is no doubt you will be kissed at midnight. The look is very easy to reproduce. It is quite dark and smoky so don’t be scared to go a little bit wild and just think it’s New Year’s so you can go a lot fancier. Now get your make-up brushes, eye shadows and glitters ready, here we go!

I will mainly focus on the eyes for this look. I have previously applied my foundation, powder to set the foundation, contoured my face, and drew my eyebrows. If you are interested in a tutorial how to prepare your face, please feel free to comment, it would be a pleasure for me to help you out with some tips.

Make up you will need for this look

Step 1, is to prepare your eyes by using a primer. It is important for this look because you want to make sure the make-up will last all night long. Once you have added some primer to your eyes and set it with a transparent eye shadow you can go to step 2.

Step 1: Primer
Step 1: Put some primer on your eye lids

Step 2: Apply a big eye pencil (black or brown as you wish) all over your lid, up to the crease of the eyes. It is important not to go above your crease otherwise you will end up with a panda eye look and we don’t want that to happen. Then with a big brush, blend it all. The reason for this is to make the dark eye shadow and the glitter stay longer.

Step 2: brown pencil
Step 2: Brown pencil all over the lid





Blending step
Blend the eye pencil up to the eye crease








Step 3, is where you go dark and sexy ladies ! Don’t be shy, you can go with black or dark brown. I personally applied dark brown because I prefer working with brown colors rather than black but again it is as you wish. Both colors will look spectacular. Go all over you lid with this dark color and don’t forget to blend it up your crease. This make-up look requires a lot of blending. Then bring the color down your lower eye because this is the key to a smoky eye.

Dark brown eye shadow
Step 3: Dark brown
Dark brown eye shadow
Step 3: Dark brown eye shadow all over the lid and into the crease










Now step 4, is when all the fun starts, we can get the glitter out. Keep the outer corner of your eyes dark and add the glitter from the middle of your eye to the inner corner. If it’s not too visible that’s ok, you will still have a contrast on your eye lid. You can decide how much glitter you want to have.

Champagne and Gold eye shadow
Step 4: Glitter – Champagne and Gold
glitter eye shadow
Step 4: Glitter









Finally, step 5, is where you go even darker with black eye pencil all over your lid and under on your waterline. Again, don’t be shy, the darker the better and the more your eye color will pop out. And of course, add a big coat of mascara. You can even have some false lashes to make your make-up look even more dramatic. As you wish.

black pencil
Step 5: Black liner and mascara

For the lip color, you can either go nude as your eyes are quite dark, or complete the look with a dark color also on your lips. And here it is, the end result for a smoky eye make-up look, perfect for New Year’s Eve.


makeup look finished
End result

I really hope this make-up look will satisfy you. Please let us know how it went.
I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope 2016 will be the best year for you!

If you are looking for outfit inspiration for New Years Eve go to the blog to read more.


Written by Emilie Heyl

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