Fashionable New Year’s Resolutions

Kiss slowlyI can’t believe that 2015 just has passed by. Time goes so fast and we are not getting any younger, so I therefore think it is a good idea to reflect on which goals we want to achieve for the year 2016.

That is why I think New Year’s is the perfect moment to think what we should change to improve our lives. Generally, we want to make great changes, but the key is consistency and trying to keep it simple. A good tip to achieve your resolutions is to write them down and keep an easy access to your list in order to follow your progress.

Here is a little list of New Year’s resolutions, that will can have a great impact for you in 2016.

Get fit and healthier. To have a health and fitness regimen, is something many people are aiming at. To make changes you need to be aware of exactly what you are eating. My fitness Pal is an app, that helps you to know some nutrition facts. It is also important to measure the impact of your workout, RunKeeper is another useful app that will help you know how many calories you are burning during your workout.

Smile. Yes, it’s as easy as that. Apparently the act of smiling not only helps you to be more positive, but also according to some social Psychologists by smiling you can improve your health. How? Well, when you smile you activate a release of dopamine and endorphins as well as serotonin. What are those? They are basically neurotransmitters that will help you reduce stress. So keep in mind that your body language affects the way you feel and how others perceive you. If you want to know more, check out this  TED Talk by Amy Cuddy.

Schedule personal time. It might sound silly, but with the work and school loads you probably don’t have time for yourself. It is really important that you find a balance between your professional life and your personal life. If you prioritize time for yourself, you will become more productive. Also learn how to reshuffle your schedule, so you can have more time for creative projects.

Why don’t you get more into reading this year?

Check my recommendations for books to read:


Style resolutions for 2016. Make sure to invest in at least one fashion item this year that can make you feel like you are a true fashionista. The idea is to have something really bold, maybe a pair of flashy shoes, a hat or something that you don’t usually wear. Why? Because we are in Paris and we need to have fun with our wardrobe. Go shopping with your friends, spend quality time with them while you find something cool to wear.

Maybe these items can inspire you.


Finally, dear readers, learn how to make the first move, be brave, be bold, smile more and remember that the best is yet to come!

Written by Marilyn Rios

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