London Collections Men – least liked

I do believe men’s fashion is slow, there is so much potential, so many good designers coming out of amazing fashion schools and yet the fashion industry for men seems to always be the same. Also, I don’t understand why there are some women walking down the runway, is this a way to show the blurring gender line? I think the shows must be focused on men only and not have any women in them. However, with new different shows concentrated on men’s fashion, the industry will get moving and we will soon see some original designs (Read London Collections Men – the most liked).

Two least liked

Topman: Topman Design was the very first show to open the London Collections Men. The very first impression you get when seeing the show is that it will be spectacular. Indeed, there is a game of lights going on, which creates a dramatic ambiance and the music is very theatrical. So the tone of the show is set, dramatic, mysterious and it promises to be outstanding. The music get’s louder and the show begins. The first model comes out and I am disappointed. In my opinion, the colors of the clothes looked insipid, making the look quite old. I find the clothes do not really suit the body type of a male or match. They would be hard to wear on a street wear scale. However, the whole setting for the show is absolutely amazing, it’s spacious, the lights and music gives the audience a young and lively atmosphere. Unfortunately the clothes, in my opinion, don’t correspond to this atmosphere. I must admit however, Gordon Richardson has showcased some well made garments, just not put together properly.

Topman london collection men aw16
Topman London Collection men aw16 Photo credit:

MAN: This show was quite original because it was divided into three parts. Grace Wales Bonner opened first quarter of the show. It was based on spirituality. The first model arrives and bows to the musician who is playing an antic instrument. A lot of models are wearing different jewellery (necklaces and ear pieces), as well as hairpieces and makeup that adds a spiritual aspect to the collection. The setting around the runway is left simple, so all the focus is on the models, the clothes and the music.

Now, let’s talk about the clothes. They are kept pretty simple, and yet again I do not find they match together. I had a hard time trying to understand the theme. Overall, I did not find the clothes original for the first quarter of the show.
Rory Parnell-Mooney kept the clothes very minimalistic for the second part. The clothes are however a lot more harmonized, and the theme is clear. The colors are dark and the silhouettes quite broad. The clothes are again kept simple but there is a lightness involved which makes the model look free and comfortable.
The third part of the show which was a showcase from Charles Jeffrey collections, is totally the opposite of the first two. It is very bold, extravagant, and original. This is why I love fashion. The setting is grungy, the clothes as well and even the models act like they are on drugs. I do believe the clothes would be hard to wear but if you can pull off the grunge look then you would love the last part of this collection.
Overall, in my opinion, the first two parts were a little boring, very basic and not frilling but the last part saved the show. It looked like it was from a different company. Three different designers, three different shows and three totally different looks.

MAN london collection men
MAN London Collection Men aw16 Photo credit:

Concerning the London Collections Men, overall I find the pieces were more or less similar. There were some very interesting designs such as Pringle Scotland, Duchamp, Richard James and Turnbull & Asser. The mens autumn/winter collections later this year will be interesting. Looking forward to seeing some more cute men in appealing garments. Keep your eyes open ladies!

Written by Emilie Heyl

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