London Collections Men – The most liked

London Collections Men  ended today. Big names such as Burberry, CoachAlexander McQueen and many more presented their new collections, which will be out on the market later this year. As the London Collections Men keeps getting more popular, new names are yet to be discovered such as Moschino and Pringle of Scotland. The schedule was so packed that fashion week went from three days to four this year. Indeed, London Collections Men only started in June 2012 but it quickly expanded and has become an important event in the fashion calendar.

Two most liked

Coach: I absolutely loved their collection, I find it has a retro, vintage feel to it that perfectly fits the British style. It made me think of the 90’s with biker jackets, oversized coats, tailored suits, checks and ankle-length trousers. I find this collection harmonized, original and immediately applicable to the market. The setting of the fashion show had a minimalistic design, however it did fit in the theme of the show with a metallic entrance and floors, as well as the pop-rock vibe music. Overall, Stuart Vevers, pulled off a great show, definitely worth seeing and wearing if you like that British style.

Coach London collection mens aw16
Coach London collection mens aw 16 photo credit :

Maharish: The reason why I loved this show is because of the originality and organisation around colour. One model would come out wearing an outfit in a certain colour, and be followed by three or four models wearing a similar colour tone. The brand decided to use a variety of models with a range of different cultures, ages and attitudes. Yes, I think this show was all about the attitude portrayed whilst wearing an outfit. The music was very simple but effective on setting an arrogant tune.

Anyway, I think you can see I was keen on the atmosphere so let’s talk about the clothes. I must admit, they are quite unique with a specific style but, in my opinion, not all of them would fit the market. However, Hardy Blechman is extremely skilled in matching clothes together. The whole collection is well structured, consistent and original. It was a really cool show!

Maharishi photo

Maharishi London collection men aw 16 Photo credit:

Keep posted for the second part of this article where I will discuss the shows I did not like as much as these two.


Written by Emilie Heyl

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