Paris sales and how to make the most of them

Everyone loves to see those large red banners that smother shop windows, covered in the words ‘Soldes’ or ‘Sale’. Well, for those living in or visiting Paris, it’s that time of year. Shopaholic or not, the next few weeks will be the best time to get hold of those must have winter items. The winter sales in Paris started on the 6th of January and run all the way until the 16th of February. Items can be marked down by as much as 70% but there are a few catches to this amazing discount. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to make the Paris sales work for you.

Firstly, if there’s an item you have been eyeing out for a while, you should have grabbed it as soon as the shops opened on the 6th of January. As the crowds flock to the shops, so all those most wanted, most fashionable and regular sizes flock home with the crowds. So if that Kooples jacket is the one you need, just take the 30% discount on day one, and walk out the shop smiling.

Paris sales
Paris sales

Secondly, nobody likes fighting for items, queues at the change rooms and a 20 minute waiting time just to pay for a pair of socks. Get there early! A Parisian friend of mine took the day off work just to get to the sales and beat the crowds. So I suggest you wake up earlier – it will be worthwhile. Also avoid weekends and late afternoon/evening shopping if you can. It’s a nightmare and that double grab for an item can get pretty awkward.

My third tip would be to shop on quiet streets, or more boutique shopping areas such as Passy. The shopping hubs such as Galleries Lafayette and malls like the Beaugrenelle lose their stock a lot quicker, so you’ll be better off in the more un-congested areas without the hoards of tourists. Oh yes and I have heard that shopping at department stores have better deals than those at individual brand stores.

Finally, items will be at their most marked down price towards the end of the sale period. So if you are just looking to score a few bargains, try your best to wait for the last minute. Yes shopaholics, I know these sales are tempting but it will definitely be worthwhile. Although your size and desired styles will be scarce, you are bound to find a couple of items you’ll really feel great about.

The Paris winter sales are here
The Paris winter sales are here

I hope these tips help you figure out how the sales work for you. Oh yes, and if you miss the sales altogether you can always go to La Vallée Village, just 30kms from Paris for a bargain all year around. Good luck and ‘bon shopping‘.

By Hailey Edy

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