Get your vintage vibe or just a bargain here

Vintage Store Paris - Chine Machine
Vintage Store Paris – Chine Machine


Dear readers, today we bring you something a little vintage, excuse the pun. Whilst walking through the streets of Paris, allow yourself to find all the hidden gems that the streets have to offer.

Walking around the neighbourhood of Montmartre, I stumbled upon an incredible vintage clothing store called Chine Machine Vintage Boutique. The store has a large selection of clothing, which includes coats, blouses, pants and accessories. Chine Machine Vintage Boutique is decorated with these vintage accessories, creating a quaint auraThe music and the staff make it their mission to give you a unique experience.

The store has two floors, with a variety of men’s and women’s second hand items. With prices starting at only 7 euros, brands such as Levi’s, American Apparel, and Marc Jacobs suddenly become very affordable luxuryPersonally what I like about the store is their wide selection of jewelry and accessories such as belts and hats. If you have been looking for a fur coats or jacket, just visit a vintage store to get your hands on a genuine one. 
Check out this video so you can have an idea of the amazing treasures you can get in here:
So next time you find yourself near Sacre Coeur visit the Chine Machine Vintage Boutique to get something nice. They offer the chic style that you can only find/afford while shopping in this kind of  shop.
Let us know what vintage stores you have visited, just leave a comment.
Address: 100 Rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris
By Marylin Rios

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