Part 1: Milan Mens Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week 2016 has been an eye opener to most fashion lovers, especially to young lads who care about their style. Showing progress and potential in the designs and styles, most collections were innovative, different and fresh. It’s a given that some were slightly overboard, but what’s a fashion show without those few silhouettes that make us go: “What the heck was that?”. From formal to urban/street chic, the collections that were showcased carried different styles for different types of men and occasions. One cannot deny the fact that the fashion world for men has great potential from a design perspective. Yes it’s not as glamorous as woman’s fashion, but this years F/W Milan Fashion Week portrayed great improvement.

Following what we saw in London Fashion Week, and our likes and dislikes, here is our review for F/W in Milan. Let’s start with the one that most caught my eye, Dolce & Gabbana, the emperors in outstanding and plush designs. Their models swaggered down the runway in a toned down chic style, and once again as done before during the woman’s show, cell phones were held and “selfies” were taken. As for the clothes, the tremendously oversized coats and pants, and overall prints were a big game changer to the men’s style. Oversized clothes have become the “it” style for women in past year, and now the trend has trickled down to men’s fashion. A mixed gender style is taking the fashion world by storm and is providing plenty of variations for both men and women. I was profoundly intrigued by this collection, for many items could be dressed up or down based on different occasions and events.

Dolce&Gabbana mens milan 2016


On the other hand, Roberto Cavalli took a different turn in style and era. It’s no doubt that the inspiration for this collection came from the 70’s. Hippie, floral, animal patterns and semi-bellbottoms were the main “zing” in making this collection different from the rest. Although I myself am not a fan of the hippie, floral and 70’s style in general, it was nice to see and get some inspiration for the future trends. Perhaps not floral patterns all over, but one could easily play with a printed item on a plain shirt or pants, or even a colorful floral coat over a simple black suit. Overall this collection was fresh and fun to look through, filled with plenty of inspiration.

Roberto Cavalli milan mens 2016
Roberto Cavalli

Metallics, already seen last season, are clearly the trend for the year. Who other than Versace to go extremely overboard with their use of metallic fabrics and designs? A very futuristic and electric style was carried during their fashion show. Oversized coats were seen once again, and their mix between formal and trendy wear was pretty exciting to see. My personal favorite was the silver metallic pants with a white sweatshirt and white jacket with fur trims on the hoodie (below left). This look in particular caught my eye because it was a trend I could see myself pulling off. The metallic pants are already a “in your face” kind of thing, but were nicely toned down by white on white. A nice look to give you that “Je ne sais quoi” to make most heads turn as you pass by.

Versace milan mens 2016

What is so interesting in this next collection are the graphic prints and new introduction of capes for men. Prada clearly played a lot with these two trends in this collection. We are used to seeing capes on women (especially when it comes to sleeveless capes), however it’s now the trend for men. The jumble between suits or formal pants and oversized capes is just the trick to have that stylish Prada look. Also the graphic prints and cuts on the shirts shows a new play on the silhouette for men. I would definitely get myself one of those capes or shirts.

Prada milan mens 2016

Like what you’ve read about these brands and their collections? Go to part 2 and learn more about Milan Fashion Week.


Written By Karim Kurdi














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