Part 2: Milan Mens Fashion Week

Following our previous post about Milan Fashion Week, here is a continuation on some more designs and designers that struck out attention.

Moving a different style, these designs are the definition of rock chic. In this Philipp Plein collection, the rock style has taken a different turn. Edgier, fresher, and younger, the models strutted down the runway with skateboards and hats, dressed in black. What I enjoyed about this was the young and rebellious feel in the looks. Having a formal suit, which usually is business attire, complemented by a skateboard was just too good. A clever way to target a much more youthful market. Also the high and oversized turtle necks, complemented with full black leather jackets that were lightly colourful, made the looks all the more unique.

Phillip Plein milan mens 2016
Phillip Plein

This next brand is well renown for its colorful designs and garments. Of course I am talking about no other than Missoni. The striking factor in this collection were the electric colors. Those shades of blue and purple were an absolute “eye-freshener”. Also the comfortable athlesuir silhouette made it seem like the clothes could be worn for many occasions. However there was some more room for creativity, in a sense of playing with the regular jacket pattern. Perhaps making it more oversized or giving it some graphic cuts like Prada, could have brought something new to the table. Oh well, maybe next season…

Missoni milan mens 2016

The final designer we will be covering from Milan Fashion Week will be Bottega Veneta. This was probably my favorite collection of them all. What struck me the most was how the shapes and forms were creatively safe. The jackets were oversized, but not too overdone, making them wearable without the silhouette looking lost in the jacket. Also many of the items such as the coats and jackets reminded me of a detective look, smart yet mysterious, and frankly who wouldn’t want that look. Another interesting item I found was the full velvet suit in a rich navy color. This is definitely on my bucket list, a new way to wear a suit and stand out from the crowd. Something most fashionable people are looking for, however if worn wrong this look can go pretty bad. So guys, just be careful what shoes and shirts to match this look up with.

Bottega Veneta milan mens 2016
Bottega Veneta

Overall the collections showcased during Milan Fashion Week  were interesting with plenty of new designs and styles to be played with for the next season. So get your pay checks ready because we have some shopping to do. And ladies if you’re thinking of gifts to get your man for Valentine’s day… just take some tips from here and get an item you’d like to see your candy man in.

Written By Karim Kurdi

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