Between Dream and Reality – Lingerie

Womens fashion: the ‘intimate’ way.
Lingerie and fashion, the two fundamental aspects of female beauty.


It’s that time of the year again, Salon international de la lingerie, the world leader in the lingerie market is almost here. The 3-day trade show takes place in Paris from the 23rd to the 25th of January. As a professional event, its main focus is networking and therefore encouraging attendees to meet and match-make. But Salon international de la lingerie is more than just a trade show. It allows the lingerie community to gather, discuss, evolve and discover exciting new things this field of fashion has to offer. Do not fear, Paris is not the only place you can catch the show. The Salon international de la lingerie is available in cities around the world which include Cannes, Hong-Kong, Lyon, Moscow, Shanghai and New York.

This year’s edition of the show will be divided into 6 sections:

  • The Essentials

This is where one would find everyday swimwear brands. Swimwear and beach ready-to-wear, lingerie-corsetry, loungewear, sleepwear and at-homewear.

  • Designer labels

Includes luxury and designer collections of lingerie, swimwear and beachwear.

  • Cocooning

For those interested in comfort, this is your section. Sleepwear, Loungewear and Home-wear items will be in this section.

  • Beautiful Legs

For those with an inner femme fatale, show off those legs. Here you will find hosiery, legwear and a variety of sexy sock brands.

  • Limited Edition

This includes a selection of up-coming brands to watch out for. Young designers of lingerie & loungewear can be found in the limited edition section.

  • Super Heroes

For superhero fans, need I say more, this will be your hot spot and I’m sure you can guess what to expect.

salon international de la lingerie
Salon International de la Lingerie

What’s the big deal ?

The demands of today’s women are ever increasing. Ladies are always on the lookout for lingerie that combines seductiveness, surprise, and comfort. Lingerie has become an important aspect of ladies’ fashion. A good set of underwear can make a woman feel feminine, elegant, sexy and confident.Therefore the lingerie industry has become an integral part of womens’ fashion. The Salon international de la lingerie is your perfect opportunity to explore the latest innovations in lingerie, slow yourself the time to understand the different styles, functions and utilisations of lingerie.
This event has become of great importance to the fashion industry and has gained strong participation in past years.

In short, even the lingerie has always been linked to the myth of the eternal feminine, uses a true “philosophy” that tends to enhance the women in its peculiarities and to ensure that the beauty is and remains the undisputed star of the women’s lives.

Written by Michele Borrelli

23/24/25/ January 2016
Every day from 9am to 7pm (closing at 6pm on Monday)
Place: Pavilion 1 – Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles

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