Paris Men’s Fashion Week Emerging Trends

From the 20th to the 24th of January the Menswear Fall16 Fashion Week took place in Paris. Off course our expectations from Paris fashion week has always been high because of the well known and really established high-end fashion houses. Here we will have a closer look at four emerging trends that will top off your style.

1. The Long Coat

This is definitely a must have for your fall wardrobe. For several seasons the long coat has been seen on the runway but this year the designers are going for the more oversized variation. From Raf Simons to Lanvin to Ami we have seen how this oversized/long coat has taken the fashion style by storm.


2. The Bomber

Not a stranger to the fashion world the bomber jacket has been seen for many years now either dressed up or dressed down. Only now it has trickled up to hit the high-end brands. Givenchy, Maison Margiela and Louis Vuitton have all differently interpreted the bomber jacket to fit their identity, as seen for Louis Vuitton with using the velvet fabric.


3. Check Print

The classic check print is back in shades of red and black as seen at Balmain, White Mountainering and Valentino. It mostly appeared on jackets and also in the variation of white and black.


4. Colour Blocking

Even though fall is known for toning colours down we saw vivid pantones taking over the runways. From seasons past to season yet to come we can be sure to expect a lot more colours to brighten up the dull colours usually known for winter. This colour blocking trend was for example showcased at Pigalle, Paul Smith and Kenzo.



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Written by Emilie Elmquist