Get Inside the Tranoï Homme & Preview Tradeshow

Widely regarded as the meeting point between creativity and business, this year’s edition of Tranoï Homme and Preview has sourced again the cream of the crop of alternative fashion design. More than three hundred exhibitors presented their latest creations to key buyers coming to Paris from all over the world, on the occasion of Men’s Fashion Week.


Walking across the neatly arranged aisles at any of the two venues — Palais de la Bourse and the Cité de la Mode et du Design — visitors were treated with creativity in every corner. The latest collections for men and their preview collections for women were showcased with styles ranging from casual streetwear to avant-garde.

Menswear items 

In individual showrooms, exhibitors allowed us to interact with the garments not just visually but also allowing visitors to touch and feel most fabrics. From the supplest cashmere to exotic furs, we were able to explore with our hands the structure, the linings and the finishes of every single item being showcased, which proves critical for buyers when deeming the quality of the designs.


Accessories were not on shortage either. We found some surprises that caught our attention, such as poisonous toads from Australia turned into exotic coin pouches, and a plethora of otherworldly eyewear designs made for the adventurous.


The Tranoï tradeshow has been around since 2005 and is held four times a year during Paris Fashion Week, and twice a year during New York Fashion Week. Besides from serving as a link between buyers and designers, Tranoï proposes several art installations, musical performances, cocktails and runway shows that match the stylish vibe surrounding the event.


Among this year’s novelties we were able to witness fresh talent strutting down the runway on IFA’s MBA graduates fashion show, and an original olfactory installation crowning the entrance section where more than 30 niche fragrance labels presented their products.

IFA Show at Tranoi 2016

All in all, the Tranoï experience brings us closer to unlikely interpretations of fashion, especially for menswear, and gives us a general picture of the trends that will hit concept stores around the world in the late fall season. Next edition will be held in New York from February 21-23. We are eager to see what it will bring!


Written By David Requena

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