Georges Chakra: Haute Couture Show 2016

We kicked off the Paris Haute Couture fashion week at the Georges Chakra show. Earlier this week the Beirut-based, Lebanese fashion designer revealed his Spring/Summer 2016 Couture collection at Hotel 51 Iéna.


Before the gorgeous models took center stage, attention was grasped by the catchy and daring 70’s styled music which instantly set the mood. Lace, sequence, ruffles and frills entered the room, painted in a calming pastel tones. A detailed floral collection with hints of a somewhat broken glass print intrigued the guests at the show.

George Chakra SS16 Haute Couture Show | White Short Dress

The daring red and pink looks were next up… and they were a sight to see. The boldness of the colors along with the sheer simplicity of the garments was a statement on its own. “Lady in Red” is what people usually say to refer to a “Bomb shell woman”… Well in this case it was quite true. As the models strutted their size two figures all wrapped in beautiful chiffon that cascaded down a long trail, the audience was left speechless. Eyes widened and jaws dropped, and who can blame them, since we felt that very same way.

George Chakra SS16 Haute Couture Show | Pink Chiffon Gowns

Last but definitely not least, the formal or bridal wear in black and white. Stunning, to say the very least. Georges Chakra concluded his show by doing the walk of fame, arm in arm with one of the most gorgeous brunette models; lace, feather and netting clad. Need I mention his hand gently placed on her back, emphasising the delicate details and double white drapes that swept the floor. The opaque essence of lace left the guests in desire for more.

George Chakra SS16 Haute Couture Show | Bridal Wear
George Chakra SS16 Haute Couture Show | Mr. Chakra Ending the Show

As two of the invited guests, we left the show in complete awe. This SS16 Couture collection absolutely blew us away. Tell us what you think of his collection? We sure loved it, and the atmosphere set by the enchanting venue. Until our next show-stay tuned!

Written by Hailey Jane Edy and Karim Kurdi



2 thoughts

    1. We are glad to hear about how you felt, we felt the same way. Haute Couture week always leaves us stunned with the new styles and innovations. Stay tuned for more articles to come. Have a good Monday 🙂


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