La Garçonnière – Alternative Accessories For Men

Dedicated to accessories for gentlemen, La Garçonnière offers a wide range of products for the modern man. If you are interested in alternative, handmade items and want to differentiate yourself from the crowd, this is the place for you.


La Garçonnière captured my attention while I was roaming the streets of the 2nd district in Paris. Urgently in search of the perfect gift for my hard to please boyfriend, stumbling upon this hot spot was a lifesaver. Traditional, elegant or alternative, whatever your style (or your man’s style), here you can find the perfect gift.

Window Display © La Garçonnière mens accessories paris
Window Display © La Garçonnière

With a large selection of authentic and somewhat unusual items, majority of these products have been made in France. From wooden bow ties, sunglasses and watches, to soft leather bags or interesting books. The wide range of unique products will keep you entertained, as you let yourself wonder between the brands in-store.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by their amazing items, chill-out and have a cup of coffee. Yes, they have a little pop-up café inside so take a friend and make a morning of it. La Garçonnière is host to over 15 brands so there is a lot of eye candy to capture your attention (oh and the guys working there are pretty good looking too). These super friendly staff are well conversant and can offer you a lot of information about the brands in store, so don’t hesitate to ask – in English or French.

Bicycle Bag © La Garçonnière mens accessories paris
Bicycle Bag © La Garçonnière

Here’s a list of some of the brands you can find in-store:

Geoffrey Guillin, an artist and illustrator whose beautifully framed images can be found in-store. Contact him if you like his work, he might do a commissioned piece for you.

Le Coffee Guy, proudly supplying customers with their hit of caffeine for the day.

Someone Shoes, offering a beautiful range of leather sneakers and other styles of footwear for men.

Les Bretelles de Léon who sell 100% French-made goods. They have clothing products especially tailored to the modern dandy, I especially love their suspenders.

Monsieur London who focus on the more simple and elegant approach to clothing. This high quality brand boasts of their commitment to craftsmanship.

Meilleur Ami Paris selling leather bags and some accessories, again, all manufactured in France.

Une Autre Paire de Manches offering cuff-links for all occasions to their clients. From the regular, more sophistcated oval shaped ones, to quirky penguins or bicycles.

La Trotteuse & Company who manufacture unique jewellery and watches.

Urbane who also specialise in bags for leisure and travel, they have a lovely range of colours to suit any mood or style.

Other brands that you will find here include the English clothing brand Oncle Pape as well as HARTÔ an interior design brand. Apto, the brand I decided to go with, offers beautifully crafted French wallets. I got a black three in one; wallet, coin pouch and card holder. Check out the La Garçonnière Facebook page for more information on their products, as well as all the other interesting and creative brands you can find in-store.

Leather Bags © La Garçonnière mens accessories paris
Leather Bags © La Garçonnière

Let yourself be intrigued, and make sure to visit La Garçonnière. If you know of any other cool, alternative shops in Paris, please let us know! And if you have visited La Garçonnière tell us what you thought?

La Garçonnière: 40 rue des Petits Carreaux, 75002, Paris


Written by Hailey Jane Edy

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