Internship Experience: Joseph’s Showroom

Models for the JOSEPH showroom

The models backstage

Internships while gaining your university degree is always a good way to differentiate between the academic life and the work life. In school one learns the fundamentals of the industry, but getting to work in a company gives you an experience which can’t be gained through text books.

Last week, during the fashion week, I had the opportunity to work at the JOSEPH showroom. Now what some don’t know is that the showroom is not your typical “shop” where people go to do their shopping. It’s a private access for buyers that represent chain stores like Galeries Lafayette or Printemps. The showroom is divided in various departments where different collections are showcased (prêt à porter – cashmere – woman – men…), the buyers then speak with the sellers and choose which outfits they would like to see. It’s only after that the outfits are sent to the dressing rooms where the models would then model the garments to the buyers.

Hard at work

Hard at work

JOSEPH Showroom

Being hired as a dresser, my job was to wait in the fitting rooms and help the models put on the outfits. The working environment was friendly and a good relationship between the models and colleagues developed immediately. After long days of work we would finish off by heading to a bar for a light drink all together. The only off side to it were the working hours, since we started at 9 a.m and would end at around 6-7 p.m.

Working crew

The working team and I enjoying a drink

However, the plus side was that I had the opportunity to speak to people who have worked in the fashion industry for years, and I was able to get some great and useful tips. It was definitely a good way for me to get beneficial contacts for my future references.

I hope that my article will be useful to those who would like to try a similar experience. See you soon with my next article guys.


Written by Michele Borrelli