Paris Haute Couture 2016 Streetstyles: Another Paris Unveiled

Colorful, stylish, strange, and somewhat over the top… these are the ideas to keep in mind when it comings to street styles during fashion week. With that being said, it is no surprise that every fashionista has his/her ways of modifying things to fit their own style.

Since hunting for different and eccentric styles is one of our favorite activities, here we present a selection of photos of stylish people strutting their fashion senses during fashion week.




© Trang Nguyen

During the George Chakra fashion show we spotted this guy who rocked an 80’s themed television signal suit… Pretty daring!


anna dello russo at dior
Anna Dello Russo at Dior © Tyler Joe via Elle

Here we have Anna Dello Russo in a colorful fur coat and flashy red Dior boots. Seems like colors are a hit this fall.


unnamed girl_tyler joe
© Tyler Joe via Elle

Here is a girl crossing the streets of Paris in a graphic coat that made heads turn.


© Tyler Joe via Elle

Seems like style does not stop at clothes… Make up has become a tool to complete the “Look”.


Karim Kurdi at George Chakra show © Trang Nguyen

Also at the George Chakra, we spotted an overall stylish look. By adding a fur scarf and “Stans by Adidas” Karim made it all the more personal.


Simone Marchetti_peter stigter
Simone Marchetti © Peter Stigter via fashionmagazine

Looks like pajamas can be toned up this season with a few minor additives, this is comfort and style all in one.


A shop owner at the Who’s Next trade show © Trang Nguyen

This girl stood out from the crowd at the “Who’s Next” trade show with her florescent jacket and silver hair-do.


Susy Lau and Tina Leung at Miu Miu
Susie Lau and Tina Leung at Miu Miu © Vanni Bassetti via Getty Images

We are completely in love with these two looks, one with overall floral prints while the other rocked a yellow skirt with playful prints.


Nickacia Forrester at IFA fashion show © Trang Nguyen

Fur again… Simple yet it makes a regular look all the more stylish.


unnamed girl_peter stigter
© Peter Stigter via fashionmagazine

Electric, sporty and chick. This look is definitely one of a kind.


unnamed_youngjun Koo_viaNYMAG
© Young Jun Koo via NYMAG

How lovely is this oversized look?


unnamed_peter Stigter
© Peter Stigter via fashionmagazine

Fur, colors and oversize… a three in one to make heads turn and jaws drop.


Written by Trang Nguyen

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