What I’ve Learned As An Intern In The Fashion Industry

As I’m currently doing my fourth internship in the fashion industry, from fashion editor to dresser, I feel like I’ve learned so much that  it would be a shame not to share my experience with you. So if your ambition is to succeed an internship in the fashion world, here are my tips and tricks.

Be organized

First and foremost organization. This is probably my number one advice! Write down everything your boss tells you, she/he will not repeat and if you forget an important event or task, then it’s your own fault, and you don’t want that.

Stay positive and open-minded

I’m going to sound a little harsh and honest here, but remember that as an intern, you don’t matter. I know a shock to the bones… but if you think the job is going to be glamorous, then sorry for the disappointment. 80% of the time you’ll be at your desk sending emails. That’s how it works, and you’ll probably also have to deal with the boring tasks such as re-organizing contact lists, sending samples back to the PR agencies, or even getting a grand triple shot soy latte for your boss.

Another important thing to keep in mind, and I don’t want to generalize here, since I haven’t experienced it myself (lucky me) but I know for sure that people in the fashion industry can be quite rude and crazy sometimes. So never take it personally, and if it happens to you, just take a deep breath and remember why you started.


Don’t be afraid to ask

If you don’t know how to do a task, you should better ask rather than do it the wrong way. This way you avoid being told off and having to start all over again.

Stand out from the crowd

In this industry you want people to remember you – for good reasons obviously. So anticipate as much as you can, try to do whatever you have to do before someone asks you to. Also, try not to act like a shy little intern, and prove them you have your place in the industry. Give your opinion, sometimes they won’t pay attention to what you have to say (you’re nobody, remember ?), but you never know – you might just end up striking gold with one shot!


Memorize everything

This next one might be a little tough but try as hard as you possibly can to remember faces, names and what that person does. The fashion world is a small and a closed one so you have to remember the people you’re working with. You never know, the PR agent you’ve been in contact with through e-mail, might end up being your future business partner.

And to finish, work hard, be ambitious, and keep in mind that there’s no such thing as too much experience when it comes to fashion, so do as many internships as you can. The future you will most certainly be grateful.

Written by Amina Sutter

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