Happy New Year! Say goodbye to the sheep and hello to the monkey. For those who still wonder why there is another “new year”, today is the first day of a new Lunar Calendar, which in Asian terms is super important. To make this occasion even more special, there are a few things that have been picked up for you to, you know, go with the flow.

Year of the monkey

If the western world has twelve Zodiac signs for each period within the year, in East Asia, there are also twelve Zodiacs, but they serve for the whole year. This time, the monkey is celebrated across many countries, a “fire monkey” to be exact. A person born in the year of the monkey is usually smart, ambitious but could be naughty and some even love to pull pranks on the others. If you are thinking of something to stylize your wardrobe for the new year, here are some suggestions:

first image
Inspiration Items for this Monkey year

Red, red, red and red!

In this time of the year, if you are coming to East Asia, you will find that everything is drowned in a sea of red: red lanterns, red posters, red decorations… because, in Asian terms (again), the color for daring and lust is also the color of luck. So logically, if you dress in red, you will be lucky for the whole year. Or if you want to be bold, red is a must-have.

second image
Take a red charm with you for good luck

It’s okay to be afraid

365 days is a long, long time, and we have motives to be proactive towards bad luck, but what if we don’t? Well, you could have a charm to encourage yourself in the future. For Lunar New Year, a type of knot, known as “the peace knot”, is usually used as a promise of health, safety and to assure that everything will go well (finger-crossed). Well, a little bit of superstitious hanging on your bag won’t hurt anyway.

peace knot
Don’t Forget to add some folkore 

Now you know why it is interesting to celebrate “another” new year. But it would be better if you could pack your (fashionable) things and go see with your own eyes. After all, a new page has turned and the world is awaiting you!

Written by Trang Nguyen

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