Maldives: The Most Romantic Holiday Destination

At the approach of St. Valentine, some of you may be planning a romantic escape from your everyday routine. If you still haven’t set your mind on a destination, then look no more. I may have just the right tip for you! Heaven on earth and most definitely one of, if not the, most romantic holiday destination on earth, the Maldives managed to exceed my expectations, ten fold. If you are in search of sunshine, cocktails, warm waters and even warmer weather all year around, this is the perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner.


After speaking to friends who have visited the Maldives on multiple occasions, we decided to stay within the Malé North Atoll, an hour boat trip from the airport. After the long haul with Qatar Airways from Paris via Doha to the Maldives, we didn’t feel like spending an extra 3-4 hour boat trip or hour plus seaplane to get to an island.

Beach View, Meeru Island Resort & Spa, Maldives © Hailey Edy
Beach View, Meeru Island Resort & Spa, Maldives © Hailey Edy

We landed at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, where our hotel boat taxi picked us up and we set off in the summer sun to Meeru Island Resort. Welcoming staff and ice cold water complimented the beautiful island and sea views on the journey. Upon arrival at the resort, cool mint towels and refreshing drinks awaited us at the sea view check-in point.

Honeymoon Water Villas, Meeru Island Resort and Spa, Maldives © Hailey Edy
Honeymoon Water Villas, Meeru Island Resort and Spa, Maldives © Hailey Edy

Beautiful picturesque beaches, tasty cocktails, spa treatments along with amazing sea life and snorkeling were all in store for our week in paradise. After settling into our over-water villa, awe inspiring fish life such as blue tip reef sharks, sting rays, parrot fish among others weaved between the stairs that lead to the clear blue seas from our veranda. With a beautiful open aired shower and private Jacuzzi on our back porch and a front veranda with sun beds and gorgeous sea views, our romantic setting was perfect (and we weren’t even in the honeymoon suite).

Underwater View, Maldives © Hailey Edy
Underwater View, Maldives © Hailey Edy

Our all-inclusive package included more than just delicious foods and colourful cocktails. We also received a complimentary over water spa treatment as well as a snorkeling boat trip and a sunset cruise with dolphins in the blue lagoon. In-between these activities, we sat sipping on cocktails watching the sunset or sun bathing and taking romantic strolls around our dreamy island.

Summer Paradise Cocktail, Maldives © Hailey Edy
Summer Paradise Cocktail, Maldives © Hailey Edy

Local staff members were extremely friendly and eager to give us tips on how to have a true Maldivian experience. From spicy foods and unusual fruits such as yellow watermelon to fishing spots and the best places in the Maldives to scuba dive, the local Maldivians helped set a relaxing tone for us. After getting my Intel from them, I thought I would let you in on a few secrets and tips to make the most of your Maldives experience:

  • If you are looking to scuba dive, south of the Maldives has the best sites and most amazing coral and fish life. You need to dive deep to see the colour palette offered by the coral, because the sun has bleached a lot of the more shallow reefs.
  • There are many ways to experience the Maldives on a budget, just look on Airbnb or available private flats. This way you can experience the local cultures and foods and still enjoy day trips to various islands at a lower cost using water taxis.
  • If you are a strong swimmer and enjoy snorkeling, you don’t need to go far. Although we took a morning snorkeling boat trip, there are plenty of amazing sites around each island. We took our own snorkels and fins and saw the most incredible fish life at many sites marked out around Meeru Island Resort.
  • Fishing is obviously going to be a winner in such a destination. Fishing trips offered by the resorts can be quite expensive, so don’t be afraid to chat with the locals. They can offer you fishing trips (on the down low) at a much lower price. Also don’t hesitate to take your own road and throw in a line off the shore as you watch the sunset.
Snorkeling In The Deep Blue Sea, Maldives © Hailey Edy
Snorkelling In The Deep Blue Sea, Maldives © Hailey Edy

After a week in heaven, sipping on cocktails in the sun and spending our evenings in the Jacuzzi with a glass of wine, we left the island over-relaxed and extremely loved up. We were interested in a true local Maldivian experience so we decided to spend our last evening on the island Hulhumale, near the airport. Here a friendly local escorted us to a Maldivian restaurant for dinner. Set in a quaint, somewhat Indian designed space, we dined on seafood soup and then tucked into dishes of butter chicken and curried fish with tasty garlic naan bread. This was the perfect conclusion to our stay in stunning Maldives.


Secluded Beaches, Maldives © Hailey Edy
Secluded Beaches, Maldives © Hailey Edy

Yes, some say the Caribbean, Venice, or Paris, the city of love is very romantic, but my Maldivian experience has topped them all. A week with my loved one in our private over-water villa, fabulous weather and lush green palm trees made for the perfect, undisturbed, romantic getaway. The romantic je ne sais quoi in sunny Maldives with secluded beaches is unbeatable and I will be back! Feel free to ask any questions, and please comment if you have any suggestions on where to go, what to do and where to stay in the Maldives?

For this “love is the air” weekend you can get inspiration from our previous article to get a killer make up look!

Meeru island Resort and Spa, Male North Atoll, Maldives


By Hailey Edy





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