How Can Your Attire Stimulate Great Sex For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s…a  day when we are all looking for that perfect date, perfect outfit, perfect place and finally that perfect man that shows up at the door step in a suave black suit, looking “fine” from head to toe. But after you’ve finished that three course meal overlooking the view as the street lights cure the city, it’s time for that invite leading home for a “special desert”. Here is where you can make those tables turn and take charge, ladies. From this point you’re the pitcher calling the shots as to how you want things to turn out. One of the things that you can take most advantage of is selecting the perfect attire to help stimulate the great sex you’re after.

First and foremost, remember that men are driven by imagery. The way you look in that outfit, and play with your body language is the main key to have him eating at the palm of your hand. Again men are driven by imagery, so what the two of you were talking about at dinner and sharing your emotions, that plays off well for a few seconds. Yet in the back of his head, he’s picturing what it would be like to slip that sexy red plunging dress right off. Therefore the question remains and will forever be an issue as to “What do I wear?!”

A few things you can do after you’ve had your shower and got your body all moist and soft, is preparing your hair and make-up. Nothing is sexier than having your hair pulled up. It extenuates your neck, shoulders and chest… and that is the view he will enjoy during dinner time. For make-up, it’s always nice to keep it simple and sexy. A nice “Audrey Hepburn” eyeliner style goes a long way, some blush to freshen up your cheeks and you can top it off with nude or red lips. For some make up inspiration for this Valentine’s day check out this tutorial 

Black eyeliner red lipstick
Black eyeliner red lipstick
Hair bun style
Hair bun style

As for the outfit… this is where the game plan is. Think like a man… so start by choosing your lingerie. Black push up bra with matching panties works like a charm. And if you want to be extra devilish, add on your thigh high stalkings. Now for your dress, you want to show your essential points, so legs and a little bit of the back must be exposed. Men loose themselves at the sight of a woman’s long silky legs (besides, you didn’t shave for nothing). I would say stay away from that usual “red” code on Valentine’s. Instead grab a silky black body tight dress. You can never go wrong with black, and you’ll always look extra sexy matching his suit as you walk into the restaurant braiding your hand around his. Finally top it off with your gigantic shall or scarf, you need to stay worm, and it’s also sexy when you have it thrown over your shoulders.

Little black dress
Little black dress
Black lingerie and stalkings
Black lingerie and stalkings

Back at his place, he pops open that bottle of French Bordeaux wine, while dimming down the lights. Keep in mind at this point, you’re the boss. So start off by sitting next to him – not to the point where you can feel his breath… but just enough to know that he can smell your Chanel No5 perfume. Now you can start to gently drop the shall of off your shoulders. After talking about your interests, life and “blabla”…you can give him that look that says: “Yes you can make a move”. Once that is done, it’s nothing but heat from here. Keep it elegant and take your time, you didn’t spend all afternoon getting ready for him to throw it all off. As you slip off your dress, you can gently let your hair down. He watches as you undress and remain in nothing but that black lingerie, stalkings and heels with your hair undone and he’s blown out of his mind. From here I leave it to you to decide how you want the rest of the night to go.

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Written by Karim Kurdi

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