Beirut a bohemian must see band

Beirut Band
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Who are they?

Beirut – the Lebanese capital was the inspiration to name this project led by Zach Condon in 2006. This US native, born in Nuevo Mexico, to be precise, has declared that the name is not about a political statement, but he thinks “Beirut” is a catchy name and for him this city is a place where you can find a constant clash of ideas regarding ideology and traditions. Hence for him it is a good analogy to represent his music and the juxtaposition of sounds in it.  At the age of 18 he ventured himself into a European tour that marked his life and the way he looks at music, soaking mainly in gypsy music from the Balkans and orchestras like Boban Markovic. In addition, his particular taste for Emir Kustarica‘s movies, made him become more interested in the Balkans’ music and culture.

Why is their music awesome?

Because it is charged with American folk elements and some influences from East Europe. The orchestra is composed of several instruments like the accordion, drums, bass, trombone, tuba, trumpet, ukulele and having Zach on vocals. If you guys want to listen to something quite different full of bohemian vibe this is the right band for you. Beirut came to give a fresh air to folk music. You will find their tunes very surprising and sincere, their songs mostly relaxed and casual.

Zach Condon

Why you have to see Beirut?

This awesome band fills venues and their performances are wild and frenetic. The rhythm of their music will make you wiggle and enjoy the crowd, giving you a break to travel into their world and simply listen to the bohemian sound and music giving you an experience like no other.


On February 16th in the Casino de Paris at 8 pm.

Casino de Paris 

16 rue de Clichy

Written by Marilyn Rios

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