Jeremy Loops: South African Musician Coming To Paris

Jeremy Hewitt, better known as Jeremy Loops is coming to Paris this weekend. Probably my favourite South African Artist, Loops has a unique sound and intriguing presence that you don’t want to miss.

After releasing his debut album in 2014, Loops has rapidly expanded his fan base and plays gigs world wide. Down South, one of my favourite songs has the ability to have everybody humming. His somewhat indie, folk, rock mix is often combined with the sounds of local South African rappers such as Motheo Moleko and others.

This weekend, after touring to various cities in Germany, Jeremy Loops will be coming to Paris. On Sunday 21st February, you can catch him at Le Pop-Up du Label in the 12th district. Tickets are only €11,73, and trust me it will be well worth your money. After blowing us away in Paris, loops will be moving on to the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

 © Jeremy Loops, South African Musician
© Jeremy Loops, South African Musician

Let me get down to explaining why this man is so inspirational, and if you see the show you will experience this first hand. His name, Loops, comes from the fact that he creates his music from looping sounds. Jeremy Hewitt plays the harmonica, guitar and has the voice of an alternative angel. He plays chords on the various instruments and then strategically loops them together to create this unique sound.

 © Jeremy Loops, South African Musician
© Jeremy Loops, South African Musician

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience his French leg of the tour on Sunday. And as I’m sure you ladies have already noticed, Loops is a handsome man. His friendly smile and South African humour will have you entertained. I hope you enjoy his music, and hope to see you there? Yes I will be the groupie, front stage.

Le Pop-Up du Label, 75012, Paris

Sunday 21st February


By Hailey Edy

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