7 Asian Fashion Instagram Pages Worth Hitting A Follow

The appearance of Asian fashion Instagrammer today is not a strange thing to the world, but aside from Bryan Boy, Susie Lau or Tina Leung, there are a lot more to discover. Here are 7 Instagram pages with about 10 thousand followers that deserve your attention.


  1. Kanaho12 (Japan)
Instagram pictures from Kanaho12

Followers: 1,235

A multitask fashion blogger. She manages to paint, have a line of clothes, hand-craft her own accessories and even to do promotion with some Japanese magazines, all at the same time! Her Instagram, just like her blog, is a trip to colorful styles, neon, monochrome, color block, patterns… you name it, she has it.

  1. Wanshiki (Korea)
© Wanshiki
Instagram picture of Wanshiki © Wanshiki

Followers: 5,039

The Instagram itself does not belong to any blogger, but it is dedicated to the street styles in Seoul. Of course, nowadays there are lots and lots of Instagram accounts operated in this way, but what makes Wanshiki special is that most of the pictures where taken right on the scene, without any preparation from the people whose pictures were taken. Here we can see many different views that Koreans propose on fashion, glamour, chic, rebellious or even a bit slouchy attitudes.

  1. Kennethstylist (Hong Kong)
© Kennethstylist
Instagram picture from Kenneth © Kennethstylist

Followers: 4,418

He worked as a stylist in Hong Kong before becoming the art director of his own company. Graduated from London College of Art, he worked with many famous fashion magazines such as Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar. His Instagram is full of ideas and inspirations, along with impressive frames and color pantones.

  1. Trangtrangtran (Vietnam)
© Trangtrangtran
Instagram picture of Trangtrangtran © Trangtrangtran

Followers: 10,100

Her Instagram is full of hidden statements, sometimes a hand with rings on every finger, other times a skirt with daring front cuts. In her home country, she has her clothes line with her starring as the model, and guess what? It’s all black. However, she still rocks it as if black was the king of colors.

  1. Mamolism (Thailand)
© Mamolism
Instagram picture of Mamolism © Mamolism

Followers: 8,473

She loves to draw, that’s the first thing you would see on her Instagram page, but the best thing about is that she merges it with fashion. Unlike other fashion illustrators, she uses her talent to depict fashion in an unconventional, less glamourous way, yet funny, feminine and creative. Seriously, who draws a Stormtrooper that happens to look like Karl Lagerfeld?

  1. Ulimali (Singapore)
© Ulimali
Instagram picture of Ulimali © Ulimali

Followers: 4,230

Unlike the description “just an old, sappy soul” of herself, Uli lives quite an interesting life on Instagram. If you are looking for references regarding feminin and a bit fractious, daring style, she is a good role model. From red on black to 70s floral patterns and then lace sleeping dress, she is not afraid to try new combinations.

  1. Faizalredzuan (Malaysia)
© Faizalredzuan
Instagram picture of Faizal © Faizalredzuan

Followers: 5,012

He is a freelance model coming from Malaysia and his Instagram is just like a look book full of dressing suggestions. This guy is a man of shirts and trousers, and still made it to an imposing frame. Every picture seems to have been carefully picked and colored. Even though his expressions are almost always the same, he does a good job making his Instagram stay coherent.

Written by Trang Nguyen

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