Reasons To Visit Buddha-Bar Paris

Located in the chic 8th district of Paris, this Asian restaurant gets quite festive on weekend nights. A popular place for tourists and locals, Buddha-Bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a tasty meal or cocktail. Here are the reasons why you should visit Buddha-Bar.


With 20 locations spread out across the globe, if you enjoy the comforts of Buddha-Bar you can indulge in its luxuries, almost everywhere you go. The one situated in Paris is designed with an avant-garde interior with a large golden Buddha taking centre stage. For cuisine or some thirst-quenchers, Buddha-Bar has you covered. Bottom floor is reserved for clients that are looking to dine, whilst the upper level maintains a more comforting feel for those in need of a drink and conversation.

View From The Top Floor, Buddha-Bar © Hailey Edy
View From The Top Floor, Buddha-Bar © Hailey Edy

They offer exceptional music, Buddha-Bar boasts of their resident DJ’s who play an exciting line up that had me dancing the entire time. Electro tribal sounds are merged together with modern commercial music setting the perfect mood. Open from 6PM to 2AM there is plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy the ethnic sounds of their experienced DJ’s.

Variety of Drinks, Buddha-Bar © Hailey Edy
Variety of Drinks, Buddha-Bar © Hailey Edy

Their menu offers a wide variety of cocktails, beers and spirits, as well as imported wines and champagnes. Be sure to take your wallet because it can get pretty pricey! Cocktails are available from around €17 and the cheapest bottle of red wine starts at €50. Well worth the spend, considering there is no entry fee and the evening can be spent dancing the night away (yes, the wine was that strong).

Slip, Buddha-Bar © Hailey Edy
Slip, Buddha-Bar © Hailey Edy

Given the amount of tourists that visit Buddah-Bar, if you are looking to expand your cultural knowledge or meet some fellow foreigners, here you will be in luck. Girls night out, with your boyfriend, or hoping to encounter someone famous, Buddah-Bar is versatile and offers a diverse set of folks.

I almost forgot, Buddha-Bar is a hotel too, so if things get a bit out of hand, you don’t need to look far for a comfy bed. Are there any places you can suggest for a night out in Paris? Buddha-Bar is definitely worth the visit, have you been yet?

8-12 rue Bossy d’Anglas, 75008

By Hailey Edy

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