5 Fashion Do’s and Don’ts 

When it comes to fashion one can’t deny the fact that there are a few helpful guidelines to follow in order to play it safe and keep it stylish. It’s always nice to go crazy and express yourself in your means of fashionwear, dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Here you can find basic steps of things to do and not to do to keep your fashion styles on point.

The Do’s

Let’s start off with accessories, a few elements that can either enhance or horrify your overall look if not done correctly.

  1. Hoop earrings: if you have a pair of hoops that you would like to have on for the night, it’s always nicer to have your hair up in bun or a pony tail. Exposing your face, neck and ears works best when topped off with a pair off hoops. Also they appear much nicer, and won’t get tangled in your hair if you wear it down.

    Hoop earrings style
  2. Bandanas over the head: such a 90’s inspired element, but works every time to play with your look. When deciding to wear a bandana over your hair, make sure you go for that messy bed head hair style. Also have an overall grunge devil may care style going. Add on your oversized shades to make the look all the more exclusive and you’re golden.

    Bandana Style
  3. Oversized clothes: it’s no surprise that oversized clothes are in now. Whether it’s a jacket, shirt, jeans or T, having it loose and oversized is quite stylish. Mix an oversized element with another that is body tight. The contrast plays well and keeps you far sways from looking a member of 90’s boys band.  
    Oversized Sweater Style


  4. Florals: the past few seasons have proven well that florals are making a come back. Be that as it may, having an item of clothing with floral patterns or any decorative pattern can put a nice twist. Stay away from dressing up all in floral, you don’t want to look like old upholstery fabric. Use one item with the pattern to color your outfit.
    Floral Skirt Style


  5. Sneakers: if you’re in a casual cheek mood, it’s nice to dress up from head and leave the toes to play that sporty casual print. Put on your sexy dress, fix up your hair, add on those jewels you have and then top it down by avoiding your heels and putting on your sporty white sneakers to make it all the more fun. Just make sure to have them in mint condition to keep a glamorous image.

    Sneakers Style

The Dont’s:

Let’s move on to some things that you should avoid when trying to look stylish.

  1. Socks: socks is at the top, because even though they aren’t what people pay attention to, they still play a big role. So make sure you stay away from visible socks when wearing sneakers. Don’t have ankle socks because you’re not running on tredmills when you’re out with friends. So choose either secret socks or short socks that match the color of your shoes.
    Secret Socks


  2. Jeans/Pants: jeans, everyday items that are both comfortable and stylish. However do not wear your jeans when they are too long and wrinkle at the bottom, unless it’s a style you’re going for. When it comes to long jeans either get them altered or if you have no time, just fold up the bottom part to have a semi thick hemp. It makes them look nicer and lets people know you got style.
    Folded Jeans


  3.  Ankle length skirts: here’s a tricky one, ankle length skirts are pretty and seem a lot on the streets and runways. Yet if you’re not 180cm tall, then this choice can go wrong. If you’re a short petite kind of gal, you want to stay away from this kind of skirt. And go for slightly shorter skirts that show off you legs a bit more to make you look taller.

    Knee Length Skirt
  4. Pantyhose: when wearing a dress or skirts, most girls turn to pantyhose as a way to cover up some spots or like the shine effect it gives. But honestly, when wearing a nice shirt dress or skirt, you should be proud of your legs and let them be. Make sure you’re shaved, and cream up your legs and go natural, it’s much nicer to look at.

    Pantyhose Fail
  5. Nails: a final fashion don’t is to go for extremely long nails. A woman’s hands should always be presentable and nails are a big point. Stay classy, if you want to go long keep them not longer than2.5/3cm max, otherwise it’s going to look tacky. And if you want to go short, keep them at a nice short length that can easily be manicured and kept elegant. Besides you don’t want your hands to look like that of an 8-year- old.

    Right nail length

Written By Karim Kurdi


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