The Women’s Milan Fashion Week fall/winter 2016 is finished, now it’s  time to do a review. Among the various collections that I saw on the runways of this fashion week, the one I liked best was Blumarine’s collection.



I will be honest with you guys, generally, my style is really far from the colours and texture of Blumarine’s style, I prefer total black with rock and punk style. But last Saturday morning, while I was sleeping, a message from my friend arrived, telling me: “I have the pass for Blumarin’s fashion show, if you want you can come with me.” As long as it’s a fashion show, waking up after only four hours of sleep will not stand in my way, I decided to come to the show.

I arrived at Corso Venezia 16 at 11,30 am, one hour before the show started. I wanted to go to the backstage to see the outfits and to take some pictures, but to my disappointment,  the assistant stopped me and told me that it was not possible to take photos of the outfits before the start of the event. At 12.30, thirty minutes behind the schedule, the models started walking on the runway. The styling of the fashion show was really cool, the runway was really close to the audiences and it was possible to see the clothes really well. This collections was so different from other Blumarine’s collections, because there was a mix of strong colours such as pink, red or violet and basic colours like brown, black, grey and some floral prints, typical for the style of the brand. In particular, I liked the colours pairing with green/pink and green/brown.





Also, the accessories such as shoes and bags are really versatile and possible to wear with a lot of looks.

In conclusion, I think that this collection is really cool for women who want something elegant but at the same time want to play with colors and textures to achieve a youthful and smart look.


Written by Michele Borrelli

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