Top 4 Online Parisian Fashion Sites

Paris is known as one of the world’s largest fashion capitals with a lot of important fashion houses, boutiques and department stores. But let us not forget about the online sites Paris has to offer. We will therefore suggest you to visit four interesting French online sites from Paris that can make you look fabulous like a real Parisienne, even though you are not physically present in Paris.

1. L’Exception

The online shop of L’Exception offers a great selection of French designers to men and women. The brands varies from the most famous ones such as Givenchy and Kenzo to more local brands from France like Maison Kitsuné, Confiture Parisienne. A really great thing about the web page is the opportunity to create a wish list which I think is missing on many online web pages these days.
L’Exception is focused on premium and luxury fashion, the price therefore starts at around 100€. If you subscribe now you will receive a 10€ voucher offered when you register, only valid on orders above 50€ and excluding promotions, sales and outlet. L’Exception delivers orders in France and to more than 50 countries worldwide, such delivery will normally be made within 24 to 72 hours according to the countries. As a true Parisienne would know, there is a possibility that you might regret buying the items. Should this be the case, L’Exception gives you the opportunity to return within 14 days and get all your money back.
Follow the L’Exeption on Instagram to discover the behind-the-scene of the web page.

2. Carnet De Mode

With the slogan “Unique fashion and brand accessories from around the world”, it is obvious that this online shop has a more international aesthetic. Carnet De Mode offers a great section of more than 200 international brands to both men and women but mainly focused in womenswear. To organize all these brands, they are categorized into French, European and American which helps you fr not to get lost. A very interesting thing about this site is the fact that these designers are all quite upcoming or not very well known – so there is a lot to discover. The price ranges a lot from accessories for only 30€ to more expensive premium clothes.

Carnet De Mode also offers a life style section. If you go to the Editorial category, the site has it’s own blog where they present things like Trend Report or editorial presentation of the clothes from the site, which is really good for inspiration.

The delivery is free all around the world on orders over 200€. And similar to L’Exeption, Carnet de Mode offers 14 days to return and will refund the money as well.

Carnet De Mode
©Carnet De Mode

3. Vide Dressing

With Vide Dressing you now have the opportunity to sell your own clothes or accessories to boost your shopping budget. This site is a combination of buying and selling, focusing on pre-used items that makes it easier to afford luxury brands like Hermés or Rolex. The site focuses mainly on fashion and offers clothes for both men and women but also kids. Here you also have the possibility to create a wish list. They guarantee authenticity for the pre-used products and offer money back guarantee as well if you want to return. To make everything easier they also provide an iPhone application

The prices start at around 50€ but for the luxury category they reach of course a higher level. However, due to the fact they are pre-used, you can still save around 75% on the items.

Vide Dressing
©Vide Dressing

4. Colette

Colette might be one of the most well-known concept stores around the world. For the last year the store has been very innovative and creative in their choice of selecting new interesting brands. This is of course the same for their online site. You don’t have to be in Paris to shop at Colette and get in touch with all these interesting brands. With a variety of upcoming and well established designers combined with a mix of fashion and lifestyle, Colette offers a wide selection of creative and innovative products. And as prices range from quite low to very high, there is something for everyone.



Written by Emilie Elmquist

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