Tranoi Femme: Where Business Meets Creativity

Fashion shows? Check! Fashionistas on the streets? Check! Cool kids on the block? Check! Paris Fashion Week? Che… Wait, something’s missing, there must be more than just fashion shows and trendy people rambling in every corners, right? Well, that’s why there are showrooms and tradeshows that take place during the fashion week. One of the most notable among them is the Tranoi Trade show, where new designers dwell and trends first emerge.


© Trang Nguyen
Tranoi Trade show main hall at Palais de la Bourse © Trang Nguyen

Taking place four times a year during Paris Fashion Week, the Tranoi  (meaning “between us” in Italian) has become the bridge to connect creativity and business in the fashion industry. Of course, as many tradeshows would be, the brick-and-mortal buying will not happen, but the show provides great chances for wholesale contract in advance or even networking for potential target, either for buyers or exhibitors. Here at Tranoi, everything could be found, from ready-to-wear to jewelry, footwear, leather goods, hats, scarfs, sunglasses, jackets, even swimwear, and here, you can see the cool trends at first hand before they become mainstream.

© Trang Nguyen
The Tranoi Tradeshow is a good place to meet potential buyers and networking © Trang Nguyen

This year, Tranoi Femme hosts more than 550 exhibitors from many countries all over the world and attracts hundreds of buyers and visitors, which is even more than Tranoi Homme  in January. The products here are strictly selected and designers are set at a high-standard; Tranoi Femme is one of the most diverse shows, internationally speaking. So far this year, for the next seasons, the brightest talents of the fashion industry introduce a wide range of selection. Among the most popular could be listed leather, fur and sequin. However, creativity is everywhere, accessories come in various shapes, leather appears in many different colours and sequins are not applied only on evening gowns.

© Trang Nguyen
Exhibitors of the brand Furland from Russia © Trang Nguyen

The first days are mostly for meet-and-greet, more trends are promising to come as the tradeshow takes place. From 4th to 8th March, 2016, Tranoi will open for public from 9AM to 7PM (6PM on the last day). For more information, please visit the Tranoi official website here.

The fashion shows are exciting, but the tradeshow is also a cool place to check out what trends are coming next on the streets.

© Trang Nguyen
More and more interesting things are coming © Trang Nguyen

Written by Trang Nguyen

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