Review: Barbara Bui’s Fashion Show

Hello guys, after my Milan experience, this week I will bring you with me inside the Paris Fashion Week. Also if for me it’s more difficult to take part in the events in Paris, because I haven’t the same contacts as I have in Milan, I managed to have the pass for the fashion show of Barbara Bui.



Barbara Bui is a French designer, that has been taking part in runways of the Paris Fashion Week since 1987. In this edition she showed her new collection last Thursday at Grand Palais, Paris.

Barbara Bui's fashion show
Barbara Bui’s fashion show
                                                                                       ©Michele Borrelli

I arrived there at 4.30 pm because the show had to starts at 5 pm. But as always the events started 30 minutes late. The place of the show was amazing, really elegant and luxurious, the runway was linear and really long (usually the runways that I saw in other fashion shows were shorter). There were also a lot of celebrities such as: bloggers Olivia Pamermo, Chriselle Lim and editor like Anna Dello Russo.

Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo
                                                                                        ©Amy Nguyen

About the collections, a mix between elegant outfits and and street style looks, a lot of trousers and skirts with particular attention to the accessories such as: bags and boots. The collection’s colour palette is 80% monocromatic with dark colours like: black, blue and grey mixed to power colours such as: red, yellow and green.

Another important input, is the red/black combination that has been a trend this winter. It will probably last in the next years since I saw it on a lot of runways of the Paris and Milan fashion week.

Barbara Bui's outfit
Barbara Bui’s outfit
                                                                                       ©Michele Borrelli

What else ? … Impressive venue, interesting collection only I think that was possible to do better about the styling of the runway, it was really basic and impersonal. I prefer when the runway links to the mood of the collection, for example like Philpp Plein usually does during his events. For me, the fashion is an illusion a tool to make people dream and the styling and the communication is just as important as the collection.

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Written by Michele Borrelli



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