Paris Fashion Week: Backstage experience @ Lemaire

Wednesday March 2nd , 5 pm, entering the Ecole de Medecine in Saint Germain des Prés, I check with the PRs for accreditation. My heart starts to beat faster. In a few minutes, for the first time, I will see what happens behind the scenes of a fashion show.

As I’m interning for a digital magazine, my job backstage is to interview important people, and to learn more about the collection and its spirit.

Lemaire is quite well known for its Parisian style with clean and simple lines. So I was really looking forward to see the collection, as well as the kind of make-up look and hairstyle they were about to present.

12776709_10153568605093892_645760484_o copie
The looks are ready

In this big old building that looks like a history museum, the contemporary style of the clothes on the racks clashed with the vintage decor in a very nice and stylish way.

12776642_10153568605053892_974845800_o copie
Line sheets

Backstage craziness they say? Entirely true. People are flying and rushing for the models to be ready on time, even if everyone knows it’s not possible. And it’s totally fine – a fashion show that is on time is like unicorns, it’s a myth!

The professional brand Mac Cosmetics is handling the make-up for this show. I can spot the head make-up artist; she is pretty busy coaching the staff how to achieve the look. The make-up is, just like the clothes – pretty simple and minimalist: earthy shadow tones with a little bit of mascara, and a sheer burgundy lip to balance out the look.


The head hairstylist working

As for hair, the hairstylists are adding a few curls here and there, to achieve a messy “I woke up like this” kind of hairstyle. And the products they use? Just a touch of hairspray.

After a few touch-ups and dressing-ups, the models are ready on the line up. It’s 7.20 pm, time for me to go and see the show!

The show was amazing and I appreciated it even better after seeing what goes on behind the scene, it allowed me to understand the spirit of the collection better.



Jieyea, Nicole and Monika posing for me before first looks
12787510_10153568607213892_351440795_o copie


Written by Amina Sutter

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