7 Steps To Get More Followers On Instagram

If you are looking to gain followers on Instagram, here are a few steps you can follow. A few simple ways to improve your Instagram page and become Insta-famous.

Step 1: Improve your Photography Skills

Be picky about Insta worthy photos. An attractive homepage as well as photos that interest viewers will always be a winner, so make sure your photos are up to standard. Take a look at photos from @parisinfourmonths for inspiration.

© Instagram / @parisinfourmonths
© Instagram / @parisinfourmonths

Step 2: Get an Insta Theme

Pick a topic and stick to it, people will follow you because they are interested in what you post about. Also keeping your photos to a certain visual theme will help too. For example look at these Insta pages and their themes @doyoutravel @cphraph

© Instagram / @doyoutravel
© Instagram / @doyoutravel

Step 3: Post Often

People want to see lots of what you have to offer, I suggest one post per day. Make sure to post quality and don’t just post because you have to.

Step 4: Comment and Like

Post informed comments and like photos with similar themes to yours. This will help people with similar interests stumble upon your Insta page.

© Instagram / @cphraph
© Instagram / @cphraph

Step 5: Follow Others

Similarly to step 4, you need to find people who are interested in your particular theme, you can do this by following people with similar pages as well as following those who follow other pages that have a similar theme to yours.

Step 6: Tag other Instagrammers for a Shout Out

If you follow people who post similar images to you, tag them in your photos. Often, if your snaps are worthy, they will re-post your image and promote your page to all of their followers. If you think you have style, try tag @stylesubmit for a shout out.

© Instagram / @stylesubmit
© Instagram / @stylesubmit

Step 7: Attractive Profile

Make sure your profile picture relates to your theme. Since it’s only a thumbnail, it should be easily decipherable. Also your name and brief description should be catchy and speak for the theme as well.

Good Luck! I hope these tips will help you get a large following on Instagram. Remember, you can’t just be Insta busy for a month and then give up. Persistence is key. Have any more tips for our readers? Feel free to share!


Written by Hailey Edy

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