Come With Me to Belgium To Discover Two Cities: Brussels and Bruges

As said Saint Augustine: “The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page.” I totally agree with these words. For this reason although the forecast wasn’t good for a travel I decided to do it all the same.


I have participated in this trip with the Erasmus organisation, I recommend to all those who live far from their country to pursue a master or internship to travel with this type of organisation. It’s a good way to cut the costs and to meet people from everywhere.

Atomium © Michele Borrelli
Atomium © Michele Borrelli

First stop, at Atomium in Brussels, we stopped there for a short time to take a group picture and to visit this place, that has a futuristic design representing the atom structure.


Waffle Bruxelle © Michele Borrelli
Waffle Bruxelle © Michele Borrelli

Arrived in Brussels after four hours of travel I was quite tired and decided to leave the group and go alone with my friend to eat sushi and waffle. If you go to Brussels, I recommend to you the Waffle Factory, where you can taste a delicious waffle. There is something for every taste: chocolate, fruit (banana, strawberries), cream and many others.

At 7 pm departure – destination Bruges. There aren’t many clubs here, as the city isn’t known for its crazy night life, but in a good company and a bottle of vodka it’s possible to have a good time anywhere.

Bruges canal © Michele Borrelli
Bruges canal © Michele Borrelli

This city is really different from Brussels. It is a small town in the north east of Belgium, where it’s great to spend a here, walking around the medieval streets and squares. I recommend you to take the horse tour. You can find it at Market square – for €10 per person the tour around the city takes 30 minutes. I tried it and really enjoyed it.

Bruges horse tour © Michele Borrelli
Bruges horse tour © Michele Borrelli

I hope you’ll find a trip to Belgium just as interesting as I did. See you soon guys.

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Written by Michele Borrelli




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