5 Ways to Style Converse Trainers

Converse trainers are known to be very stylish and trendy elements of fashion. However, they first made their debut as basketball shoes as they were worn by basketball players during games. Later the shoes were mostly seen on skateboarders and punks. Yet due to the comfort and simplicity of their design more and more people have adopted the trend to play around with their style. Here you will find 5 simple ways to enhance your style with the use of Converse shoes.


First thing to keep in mind before we get to styling, is that Converse as nice as they are when you first buy them and have them on in their mint condition, they are also shoes that look really good as well when worn out. They give a different devil may care look to your overall style.

  1. Suits… usually one wouldn’t really resort to trainers when wearing a suit. However, if you have a nice fitted black suit that is properly altered on your height and measurements, it’s very nice to defeat the norms and throw on a pair of Converse. First it’s a way to tone down your style and it can give it more of a casual feel.
Suits styled with converse
Suits styled with Converse

2. Staying on the topic of dresses, another way to wear Converse is to match them with a long skirt. That mix also is a cool and hip way to keep your look casual and trendy. Here also both short and high tops work with the style.

Long dress with converse
Long dress with Converse

3. Also a very common way to pull of these specific shoes is to wear them with loose jeans. They could be ripped or normal, but either way adding on a pair of worn out Converse really enhances your style.

Loose denims with converse
Loose denims with Converse

4. Leggings are also no strangers when styled with Converse. Just make sure that you tone your style up by adding a chic element on top, or by keeping completely simple and topping it off with a denim shirt and a simple scarf.

Leggings with converse
Leggings with Converse

5. A final way to pull of a pair of converse is by going completely sporty. So you can have your jogging pants, topped with a chic top of vest to keep it slightly dressy. Or by leaving it very comfy and carefree by having a hoodie up top.

Jogging and converse
Jogging and Converse

So here you have 5 easy ways to complete your style with a simple pair of Converse. Also if you want to play differently with the style and stand out, you can always try wearing them to a wedding with an elegant dress –that will always make you stand out. This is the nice thing about these pairs of shoes: they can literally be worn with anything and still look cool!


Written by Karim Kurdi

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