#kengi : Kendal and Gigi, The Dynamic Duo

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, the dynamic duo that has taken the fashion world by surprise. If you haven’t heard of these two by now, you need to take out your 2016 fashionista dictionary. Check out the storm that team #kengi is generating.

This pair has been shopping together and strutting their stuff on the catwalk together for some time. Earlier this month they even hit the Chanel runway with their matching makeup. Their quilted eye shadow look done by makeup artist  Tom Pecheux is just one of the many things the #kengi team has in common. Both dating the Jonas brothers and being successful models, no wonder why these two are seen as fashionista BFF’s.

Kendall & Gigi © Instagram @kendalljenner
Kendall & Gigi © Instagram @kendalljenner

After making their Victoria’s Secret Debut together late last year, #kengi have been a hot topic. Recently being so busy with their music video appearances and app releases, the duo didn’t partake in that many shows for Fall/Winter 16. However, they don’t need the runway to be the muses of today’s youth, their Instagram accounts are doing all the promoting for them.

Spotted together all the time, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid often post images of their private lives on Social Media. “Gigi is the Gi to my Ken” tweeted Kendall earlier this year, it seems this super model can’t be separated from her other half. Boyfriends watch out because when the #kengi team comes together, you can’t have one without the other.

Kendall & Gigi for Victoria Secret © Instagram @gigihadid
Kendall & Gigi for Victoria Secret © Instagram @gigihadid

Kendall being part of the Kardashian crew and sister in law to Kanye West gives her the upper hand on her BFF. With an Instagram following of over 50 million, will Gigi get jealous of this fame? Can anything break these two up? Give us your thoughts on the famous squad #kengi?


Written by Hailey Edy

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