5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend

It’s no surprise that most girls snatch some items from their boyfriends. Most of the time it’s a massive t-shirt that they wear around the house, or a big shirt that is very comfortable to be in. Here are 5 items that you can “steal” from his closet to style yourself for the day.


1. Lets start with the most common item that all girls tend to dress in from his closet. That large t-shirt that is usually worn as a pajama when spending the night at his place. The fantastic part is that this t-shirt you stole can not only be used as a pajama, but could be worn as a dress when going out with friends for coffee or shopping around town. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the T is extra large in order for you to pull it off as a dress. Match it with white sneakers and a pair of shades and you’re good to go.

Oversized men shirt style
Oversized men shirt style

2. Men’s white classic shirts are also no strangers to girlfriends, and have been seen repeatedly worn by women in movies and video clips. The hang loss and large size is very much different from a woman’s white shirt. It can also be styled in different ways, either as a dress or with a pair of skinny jeans. To wear this item as a shirt dress and still keep it classy, make sure that it’s long enough first, second fold up the sleeves to show some of your arm and the jewelry you have on and finalize it with a pair of colourful heels to get that chic edgy look!

Men's classic white shirt
Men’s classic white shirt










3. Another item that would be cool and fun to style that you snatch from your man is his blazer. Now that over-sized blazers are making a comeback there’s no need to go off and buy one. Just take the one that he wears least and give it your own feminine touch. Add heals, jewelry and your look is set whether you’re going for a chic or rock style.

Oversized men’s blazer










4. Now this next item depends on how strong the relationship is, since it can be a hard thing to borrow from him. What are we talking about?… His watch. Today most women are going for a big watch rather than the sleek thin ones. They are in style right now ever since Rolex promoted their new big watches for women. So why is this not an easy item to take? Men can be very protective about their watches and they can be very fussy about them since they are not cheap. However, if you manage to borrow one of them, it would look wonderful hanging loose on your tiny wrist. Also it is a quiet way of letting people know that you’ve got a man.

Men's watch
Men’s watch

5. Finally, and this specific item really depends on whether your boyfriend is a sport lover or not. Sport jersey’s rooting for his team, this can be one of the cutest items to borrow. It’s definitely going to be extra large, which is all the better. This item has made such an impact that even some major designers, like Tom Ford, manipulated the jersey and came up with own, as dresses. And it’s a cute way to support the team your man loves.

Men's jersey style
Men’s jersey style

So there you have 5 easy items to snatch from your boyfriend and style them your way. This might frustrate him a bit, but when he sees you in his clothes, he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you, we promise!


Written By Karim Kurdi

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