A Fashion Talk With Mathilde From DANSK

Switching from one fashion job to another the Danish it-girl Mathilde has now developed a huge experience and network in the Danish fashion industry. Recently she joined DANSK Magazine where she works as a fashion coordinator taking care of everything from coordination of high fashion brands used in editorials, model casting, and production to styling. Currently tag-lined “the world’s most independent fashion magazine”. A main idea behind DANSK is to fuse international fashion with the crème of Scandinavian labels, and to create a platform where this could be achieved with the same level of quality as seen in competing global fashion titles.


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It is Saturday the fifth of March and I am meeting Mathilde at Hotel Costes in Paris. Arriving on time wearing an oversized bright blue coloured fur from Saks Potts (an upcoming Danish Brand) and a suede fringe bag from Proenza Schouler associated with the 70’s. Why Costes? I ask. Because it’s trendy, she replies really quickly, as she winds her blonde hair around her finger.15 minutes later we sit down both drinking an ice cold Apérol Spritz.

Emilie – How are you? It has been a long time, what have you been up to?

Mathilde – Yea it has! I believe it is like 6 months ago we meet in Copenhagen right? I am travelling around as always trying to catch the trends as usual.

Emilie – What did you do today?

Mathilde – So far I visited a few showrooms here in Paris, which is my main purpose of being in Paris during the fashion week. Otherwise I met up with friends and enjoyed the lovely weather.

Emilie – You recently shifted career directions to the DANSK Magazine, what attracted you to make that change?

MathildeDANSK Magazine has always been my favourite Danish fashion media. It’s international, featuring the best creative within the industry, and I must say it has always been one of my goals to work here

Emilie – I have always seen you as a true Fashionista but did you always know that fashion was going to be your beat?

Mathilde – I knew this was my call since I was very young. My older sister had a huge collection of Vogue Magazine, must have been over100 issues. It was when I first got a hold on one of these; I knew I was going to be in this industry. I didn’t know anything back then, I just knew that I wanted to do exactly what was in there. Create.

Emilie – I feel like you worked in every part of the fashion field in Denmark, can you describe more about the milestones in your career?

Mathilde – I started my career 4 years ago as a fashion assistant at a magazine. After 8 months it all felt very natural to me, and as I was very interested in the creative part. I then started working as a styling assistant to Nanna Flachs who became my mentor for the next couple of years. During these years I got great experience working as a PR assistant at Spalt PR as well and after as agent for a model agency. I also started to do my own freelance styling with great projects going on in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. In September 2015 I got head-hunted by the editor-in-chief of DANSK Magazine, Kim Grenaa, to work for him as project manager for his creative agency, Grenaa Creative – Here we produce two times a year DANSK Magazine.

Emilie – By developing all this experience can you tell more about what have been the most products or initiative you have worked on?

Mathilde – It has always been a great adventure to do something completely on my own. I love to be creative, and being able to express myself has always been the most exciting ones. Especially shooting a campaign in Sri Lanka featuring elephants, helicopters, butterfly farms, bounty beaches etc. We were a great team working day and night for a week but in amazing surroundings.

By working with an artistic approach combined with her Scandinavian Aesthetic Mathilde developed her own signature style that touches the minimalistic and edgy aspects of fashion.

With Copenhagen roots it is still quite obvious that a lot of the inspiration is to find in the hipster environment in the Danish capital where this look is impossible to avoid on every it-girl including herself.

Emilie – Is it difficult not to get influenced by your own taste when reviewing collections? And to what extent can a reviewer be objective?

Mathilde – It depends on whom you are working for, and what you are looking for. As a creative person and stylist, it’s my job to get influenced by my own taste. I like when something is never seen before or a take on something old in a new way. I never really think “oh – that I’m going to wear..”. I always think in pictures. What would be cool to style with? That’s how my brain works automatically – I get super inspired, and meanwhile watching I come up with ideas for editorials.

Emilie – What will be the main influence for you when working as a stylist?

Mathilde – The model. It is paramount for how my styling ends up looking in the end.

Emilie – What do you think is moving fashion forward right now?

Mathilde – No doubt the designer of Vetements and creative director of Balenciaga, Gemna Gvasalia. He turned the industry up side down with his deformed silhouettes and Instagram-casting of models. He made the urban cultures, street kids mixed with the Internet and futuristic the coolest thing in the world.

Emilie – As a last question what will be your advice for people who are interested in doing what you do?

Mathilde – If you want to work in this business you have to REALLY want it. It’s a work-your-way-up industry and you will need to be prepared to start from the bottom and it’s not always as glamour as you might think – but stay humble!

Emilie – Thank you so much for your time! It is always so good to catch up with you.

Mathilde – You are more than welcome. I am looking forward to see you soon at home in Copenhagen.

She leaves with goodbye of a kiss on each cheek, in the true Parisian way. I am watching her continuing down on Rue Saint-Honoré sauntering with her fringe bag that almost touches the ground but still in totally control. Even though I am watching her from the back the Scandinavian minimalistic inspiration stands out, of course with a touch of hipster, because she is an it-girl.

Written by Emilie Elmquist

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