7 South African Bands & Artists You Should Know

The South African music scene has offered many amazing sounds to the world, from famous rap groups such as Die Antwoord to soothing rock from the Parlotons. Here is a list of amazing alternative musicians and bands that are definitely worth checking out.




Gangs of Ballet is at the top of this list, with their relaxing, meaningful and catchy soft rock sounds. Here is a personal favourite song called This Love, give it a listen. It portrays the South African music scene to a T, with their amazing outdoor concerts such as Park Acoustics.

If you are into rock music, AKing offer an almost country version of this genre. This is an easy weekend listen that makes you feel good, perfect for a road trip. The band started in 2007 and since then their melodic rock has been taking the country by suprise.

Looking for someone with meaning behind every word, look no further than Matthew Mole. Using musical instruments like a banjo, he won ‘get out of the garage’ competition and is reeling in the ladies with his charming sound.

Matthew Mole © Youth Village
Matthew Mole © Youth Village

Jeremy Loops, who is currently touring Europe, has more of an indie folk vibe. Check out his Instagram page because he is quite a catch and posts often about upcoming events. Read our previous post for more about his performance in Paris.

Founded in Johannesburg 1998, this pop-rock band Watershed is soothing to the ears. With their well renown song Indigo Girl amongst others, Watershed has a massive local fanbase, give them a listen and you’ll soon know why.

Toya Delazy, female South African artist made it big with her debut song called Pump It On. Leaning more towards a pop artist, Toya has been trending on a worldwide level since she entered the music Industry in 2012.

Toya Delazy © Missntertainment
Toya Delazy © Missntertainment

Last on the list, to finish things off in a truly South African summer style is Shortstraw. Their cheerful tune Good Morning, Sunshine is bound to cheer up any gloomy day. Truly a young feel good band, a group of guys always looking for a good time.

Let me know what you think of the South African talent, I would love to hear who you like and dislike. Enjoy listening.

By Hailey Edy





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