Trendy hotspots in Copenhagen Part 2

Earlier this week I gave you the first part of my list of favourite places in Copenhagen. As the city has a lot to offer it’s difficult to limit it to 5 so here’s 5 more for you.


1. Far’s Dreng

With the name translated from “Daddy’s Boy”, this café is a wine, coffee and food bar focusing on the Danish aesthetic of minimalism and simplicity. The sandwiches are made from the traditional Danish dark bread and the ingredients are carefully chosen. The place is open for breakfast and lunch and I definitely recommend you to go for lunch and try some of “Smørrebrød”, which is the typical Danish way of serving a sandwich.

Far's Dreng Copenhagen
©Sofie Niebuhr Instagram

2. Sticks & Sushi

With tons of different restaurants located around in Copenhagen the sushi chain Sticks and Sushi has become a true favourite for all Danish sushi lovers. The price is in the high end but the food is amazing. Without a doubt the best sushi in Copenhagen and definitely a must try if you want to spoil yourself.

Sticks and Sushi Copenhagen
©Sticks and Sushi Webpage

3. Wulff & Konstali

Without a doubt the best brunch place in Copenhagen. With the opportunity of choosing your elements in your brunch among different kinds of bread, vegetables, yoghurt, meat and eggs you are able to create the perfect combination according to your own taste. Furthermore it is possible to get vegetarian, lactose and gluten free dishes. It is definitely a must try. Don’t forget to take your Instagram picture while you are there. You will understand when the food is served, as it is very Instagram-able.

Wulf & Konstali Copenhagen
©Wulf&Konstali Webpage

4. Ravage

You have to try Ravage only for their steak tartare. This dish has become the signature of Ravage, as it is delicious and really well served. The place itself is located on the King’s Square in Copenhagen, one of the attractions in the city because of its great atmosphere especially during the summer time.

Ravage Copenhagen
©TrineKjaer Instagram

5. The Union

Located in Store Strandstræde very close by Nyhavn, the canal that is a huge tourist attraction in Copenhagen. Go visit The Union for delicious breakfast, English “balls” and trendy cocktails in cosy surroundings. If you have a hangover you should order the Bartenders Hangover Burger to recover or otherwise try the salads that also are really recommendable. After your visit go for a stroll in the Nyhavn area to enjoy the Copenhagen vibe and atmosphere.

The Union Copenhagen
©SofieBording Instagram
If you are looking for inspiration for your trip to Copenhagen go have a look at part 1 or go read our recent blog post about 10 cool Danish Instagram accounts worth to follow part 1 and 2. Or click here to discover 5 Cool Scandinavian Brands you didn’t know about.

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