7 Niche Perfume Brands You Should Try

In the world of Luxury Perfumery, options can become annoyingly predictable. If you’re the kind that feels most fragrances are similar, it’s time for you to move to niche fragrances. Here we present you a review on the 7 most sought-after brands you should try.


Based in Sweden, this brand has recently soared in popularity due to unisex creations containing all natural ingredients. The quality is exceptional and features a very minimalistic Scandinavian design. The rectangular bottles are original designs from glass artists Åsa Jungnelius and Kosta Boda. Each of these beautiful glassworks features the notes of the fragrance written across the front side of the flacon, so it couldn’t be any clearer for those wondering about the accords.



First launched in 2013 by London based evening wear designer Jacques Azagury. The “Colors” collection consists of six scents formulated with rare ingredients presented in bottles that respect the same pure lines his designs are known for. These fragrances take inspiration from Azagury’s numerous travels – each fragrance in the series is named after a color, so that, in the designer’s opinion, the name wouldn’t wash off the magic of his creations.


  1. OLIVER & CO

With almost seven years in the market, Oliver & Co perfumes possess already a distinctive soul among fans of niche perfume who enjoy going beyond olfactory boundaries. Formulated by Oliver Valverde, a skillfull Spanish perfumer, these scents are handcrafted with raw materials coming from all over the world. The highlight on his creations is that they are not structured in a traditional pyramid composition. You can find two main lines, “Nebulae” and “The Illustrated Series” in a wide product range from personal scents, to candles and shaving oils.



There is no need to explain the concept behind this brand associated with blood types. Created in Italy in 2011 by Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli, this young brand continues to push the boundaries of creative perfumery with each new fragrance. Blood Concept offers three main collections: The Red Series —inspired by the red shades of human blood, The Black Series —unfolding the mysteries of what is hidden in our blood, and the Upside Down Series —dedicated to the blood of trees.

Blood Concept


With currently eleven fragrances in its collection, A Lab On Fire seduces the world of perfume with contemporary and refined creations conceived in partnership with famous noses in the industry and produced in limited quantities. The brand emphasizes simplicity, which can be seen on their black and white bottles and industrial design boxes. Plus, A Lab On Fire boasts itself as the ultimate enigma, referring maybe to the mystery behind how the brand actually operates.

A Lab on fire

  1. ROADS

A fresh brand offering artisan perfumes produced in collaboration with the finest noses in the industry. Roads was created in Dublin in 2013 by Danielle Ryan. The concepts for the fragrances revolve around creative themes, such as a Clockwork, A Weekend or A Bitter End. The 14 different fragrances are presented in luxurious glass cylinders with a white cap and the packaging is designed by graphic artists. Recently, the brand launched a scented candle line.



Having lived within the world of perfume since his birth, self-called “Perfume Editor”, Frédéric Malle has a brilliant talent to communicate to the world the best about perfume. Each fragrance is a result of a collaboration with top perfumers and he closely oversees the entire development process. Therefore, Editions de Parfums do not possess a common aesthetics, but they are the result of the diversity in the imagination of its contributing artists. New product launches take a long time, since the Editor will evaluate it and show it to the public just until he considers the fragrance is well-finished.

Frederic Malle



Written by David Requena

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