7 Bathroom Essentials For A True Fashionista

Just as trends in fashion keep changing, we can observe the same fast-paced evolution in beauty, as we are constantly bombarded with new products. However, there are products which will never go out of fashion. We have selected 7 bathroom essentials that will not only be self-indulgent but also look really gorgeous in your bathroom!


1. Mason Pearson

The Mason Pearson brush is a true miracle. Although you may find it quite pricey for a hairbrush, we promise you won’t be disappointed. The brush comes in three versions; pure bristle, bristle and nylon and pure nylon  – the choice depends on your type of hair – and it will give your hair the perfect shine as it distributes the greasy part from the roots to the tips. Believe me, it really creates a difference. You can pick from several different colours – black, pink, ivory and blue that will look really spectacular in your bathroom.

Mason Pearson Brush

2. Vibeke Scott Silk Velvet Robe

This elegant and really comfortable robe from the Danish brand Vibeke Scott is a true self-indulgence. This floor-length robe will make you feel like a complete goddess strolling around in the house. Because of the velvet material the colour is vibrant and will look amazing even in your bathroom as an accessory. The robe is available in different colours – green, soft pink and light brown.

Vibeke Scott Silk Velvet Robe

3. Molecule Perfume

The Molecule perfume works with new technology that has the purpose of reinforce the user’s own scent. The Danish brand Zarko Perfume works on the vision of creating fragrances that encapsulate Scandinavia and fuse classic French perfumery with stringent, Nordic molecular science. The smell of the perfume is not strong but will strengthen the positive scents of the individual. The flacon looks amazing as well and by using this you will feel like a true individual standing out from the crowd with your very own personal scent.

Zarkoperfume Pink Molécyle

4. Bioderma Water

The Bioderma water is very simple but very usable. Whether you want to remove your make-up or just want to refresh your face, it is a good bathroom friend. Even though it’s “only” mi-cellar water it still removes everything and keeps your skin clean. The water comes in different variations as napkins, the regular bottle as well as the recently introduced pump function where you just push the cotton pads on the top, which makes it really easy and practical to use.

Bioderma Water

5. Bio Oil

The Bio oil helps you to diminish the appearance of scars, stretch marks an uneven skin tones. Furthermore it is also very effective for aging and dehydrated skin. This award winning oil is really worth a try! Did we forget to mention, the scent smells of fresh flowers that is irresistible and long lasting. No one is perfect but this essential will help you one step at a time to get there in a natural way.

Bio Oil

6. Aesop Soap

What is more important than manicured hands? Yes, here is your trick to have hydrated, good looking hands! This hand soap by Aesop is going to make you forget the various hand treatments, as the soap will do them all for you every time you wash your hands. With a careful blend of botanical extracts and finely milled Pumice, the soap performs a soft exfoliation to refresh and make your hands exceptionally smooth. In addition to this the hand wash has an incredible aroma with a combination of woody and citrus blends that will give you the feeling of self-indulgence every time you go to the bathroom to wash your hands. The only problem is you might get addictive!

Aesop Handwash

7. Karmameju Foxy Salt Body Scrub

Last but not least we shouldn’t forget  the body. The Karmameju body scrub is a sensual and indulgent body treatment with Himalayan crystal salts that gently exfoliate dry skin. Benefits of adding this product to your daily bath routine?  Your skin will always remain fresh, beautiful and moisturized!



Written by Emilie Elmquist

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