Shamekh the Dreamweaver

His works have raided Pinterest and Tumblr like hurricane with no sign of stopping. Whether you have a specific intention to search for them or not, as long as there is a keyword related to “fashion illustration”, his name is found signed under an artwork in the first few result pages: Shamekh Al-Bluwi.

© Bobolink
Al-Bluwi in his studio © Bobolink

The fashion world is just like a dream, and in that dream, there are many people who work hard to create it. Al-Bluwi is not an exception, for he is one who gives more artistic essence to such dreams. However, contrary to the others, he does not show a serious attitude towards his means of living, “it is not a job, it is a hobby” he said in an interview with DailynewsEgypt. And this ‘hobby’ has taken him quite far, from doing free jobs for family and friends to being recognized by famed fashion houses Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Chanel.

© Shamekh Al-Bluwi
Shamekh Al-Bluwi’s depiction of Dolce and Gabbana © Shamekh Al-Bluwi

© Shamekh Al-Bluwi
Al-Bluwi for Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio © Shamekh Al-Bluwi

Among the illustrations of this Jordan based artist that you might have come across by chance on social media, his most notable works are the cut-out series. Although a graduate of Architecture, Al-Bluwi found his passion in fashion, which eventually led to the birth of this series. The series included paper being cut out to represent shapes of clothes and real-life scenes, ranging from architectural buildings to skyline landscapes, which served as patterns. Right from the beginning, his works  have received positive reviews and he has gone on to be a global celebrity.

© Shamekh Al-Bluwi
Al-Bluwi’s Cut out series on landscapes © Shamekh Al-Bluwi

© Shamekh Al-Bluwi
Al-Bluwi’s Cut out series on Jordanian pattern © Shamekh Al-Bluwi

Though influenced by James Jean and David Downton, his style is between the use of thin line strokes and a rich use of colours, not to mention the fierce-but-sexy expression on each character ’s face. Nonetheless, according to Al-Bluwi, in each illustration, it is the garment that needs to be focused, for each artwork is a story and the illustrator is the teller.

© Shamekh Al-Bluwi
Al-Bluwi for Valentino Haute Couture 2014 © Shamekh Al-Bluwi

© Shamekh Al-Bluwi
Al-Bluwi’s illustration of Anna Wintour © Shamekh Al-Bluwi

Shamekh right now chooses to stay in Jordan to develop his career, as you can find most of his cut-out series’ photo were inspired by Aman, his home town. He is very active on Facebook and Instagram, you can follow his personal account for his latest artwork and tell us what you think about this talented mind!

© Shamekh Al-Bluwi
Al-Bluwi’s lastest project from his instagram © Shamekh Al-Bluwi

Written by Trang Nguyen

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