How To Start A Blog

Are you passionate about something that you would like to do and talk about everyday? Well that’s a good enough reason to start a blog! Blogging doesn’t have to be complicated if that’s where your passion lies. So here are six simple steps you need to keep in mind before you start your blog!


1.What will your blog be about?

It can be fashion, food, travel, beauty, cars, finance – absolutely anything! Just choose something you love talking about and something you would like to be associated to. It could even be a mix of topics with different categories but be sure. It would look really bad on you in case you decided to change the entire direction of you blog once you start gaining traffic.

2.Come up with a unique interesting name

Make the name relevant to what your blog is about. Don’t go after a name that would resemble a food blog when all you are talking about on your blog is fashion. Let me a easy to pronounce yet something that is catchy and a reader would remember.

3. Buy your domain!

You definitely don’t want to keep this for the end. Once you know the name of your blog, buy the domain right away – before it’s gone! There are several websites through which you can buy a domain like GoDaddy, Name Cheap, 1&1. You might think you need to spend a lot and might chuck the entire idea of starting a blog but you’ll be surprised that all domain names can only go as high as 20$ per year. So register your blog without thinking any further!

4. Register on WordPress

Once you have bought your domain and registered with a host, the host website will provide you with an option of installing WordPress through the host website which helps you create a blog base on WordPress but appears to be a website more than a blog account. This installation will later on (after several steps) open the WordPress dashboard that will be your base of designing your website/blog.

5. Set up your Social Media Handles

Since we are in the digital era, social media should be your primary target initially. These platforms will help drive traffic onto your website as well as make your work more popular. Even if you are not ready to showcase your blog to the world yet, you can start posting across several platforms in order to attract people before the big reveal. Don’t stretch the ‘Coming Soon’ posts for too long, you can start a month in advance.

Social Media

6.Start writing!

Draft several posts before you start posting so that you have enough content to schedule consistently over the entire week. Make your imagery consistent as well – Images speak louder than words. Also, stick to your style of writing, let it be a little personal if it’s your personal blog.


Hope these tips make starting a blog easier for you, if you think we missed out on something very important do let us know!


Written by Pallavi Maini

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