5 Trendy YouTube Channels To Subscribe To

Since the beginning of the digital era, around 2004, millions of blogs have been created, to the point that the blogosphere is now exploding. While you may have trouble picking your favourite fashion blogger, the Internet is evolving very fast; Content creators are working hard, to make your online experience as good as it can possibly be.

From Vogue documentaries to homemade trend talk videos, discover the top 5 YouTube channels you should  subscribe to.


Christelle Lim


As part of the first generation of bloggers along with Chiara Ferragni and Aimee Song, Christelle Lim created her channel in 2008. The Californian-based blogger films styling videos, lookbooks, but also heart to heart videos, where she breaks the perfect glossy ideas regular reader shave about bloggers.


Vogue UK


With interesting and entertaining documentaries starring the British it-girl Alexa Chung, Vogue UK’s channel is worth checking out.


Samantha Maria


Sami started her YouTube channel back in 2009, when she was studying. Now she is a full-time fashion and beauty Youtuber and posts  high quality content about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


The Line Up


Maya and Julia are both 20-something girls living in Stockholm. Their style is very cool and urban, and their videos are always on point. They post once a week, and do mostly lookbooks and styling videos.



Jenn Im is based near Los Angeles and is a full-time blogger. She has real positive energy and an outgoing personality, that are making her videos really fun to watch.

Written by Amina Sutter

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