Tips On Picking The Best Swimsuit

Summer is coming, and  like every year it’s time for your swimsuit’s test, because when you’re stripped down to your bikini, it’s hard to hide anything. Therefore, it’s best to buy swimsuits that enhance your body features and flatter your body type.

It’s okay to be confused and indecisive on what to buy, because let’s face it, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Adriana Lima, and Rihanna look great in almost any swimwear, and most times we aim to look like them.

Kim-Kardashian-White-Bikini-Pictures-After-Baby © media4.popsugar
Kim-Kardashian-White-Bikini-Pictures-After-Baby © media4.popsugar
Rihanna ©
Rihanna ©
Adriana Lima ©
Adriana Lima ©
But wait one moment girls! Not everyone can look like  Kim Kardashian or Rihanna. So before you look at celebrities,  It’s best to look at yourself and decide the best swimsuit style that suits your body type. Take a look at our options below and tell us what you think.

1- Trikini, it’s really cool and sexy, and comes in various shapes and styles. I suggest this for those who are tall and have a slim silhouette.

Trikini © s-media
Trikini © petite-coquette.coms-media
2-Bikini, it’s really good for those that have great figures, toned muscles and abs to flaunt and want a swimsuit that will show it off.

Bikini © ©
Bikini © celeb-for-free.com
3-One piece swimsuit, maybe this isn’t really cool for everyone, but could be helpful for people that aren’t  really fit. With this choice, it’s possible to hide any loose fat or saggy skin and you feel at ease.

One piece swimsuit ©
One piece swimsuit © http://trueviralnews.com
4-Tanga and Loincloth, this choice is cool, sexy and rebellious, but naturally not for everyone. For you to wear it you need a wonderful body and carefree attitude.

Tanga and Loincloth ©
Tanga and Loincloth © http://www.fansshare.com
I hope one of these choices will help you, but most importantly it’s best to wear what makes you feel at ease. Let us know what you think.


Written by Michele Borrelli

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