Cote d’Azur: What To Pack For Nice

For our spring break, we decided to take a trip down the French Riviera. For that reason, we decided to prepare a trilogy of our trips to get you inspired. We will be giving you tips on what to pack for Nice, places to go in Monaco and we will of course mention the Opening of the Cannes Festival. Imagine, you are just finish your lunch, and now you are lying lazily under the sun, cool breeze caresses your skin and the sound of waves softly lures you into sleep. What a vacation.

Now, no more waiting, let’s begin with Nice and what to bring with you.


A good pair of walking shoes

Nike Free © Trang Nguyen
If you want to travel far, a good pair of shoes would definitely help © Trang Nguyen

Don’t let your feet suffer in sandals, high heels, ballerinas or any kind of discomfort unless you want to dress up. Shoes with breathable materials and resilient sole will get you extra miles while roaming the old part of Nice or climbing to the top of Parc du Chateau, where you can see the whole two-color ocean at dawn. And seriously, with such good shoes, you cannot skip going to the coastline for a run which is something you must do.

Bikini (but let it be a simple one)

black bikini © Trang Nguyen
Black will do it all © Trang Nguyen

Of course you must bring a bikini when you go to the beach. A standard two piece bikini would be perfect for tanning in Nice in order to fit the more relaxed vibe. Exotic bikinis with fringes and daring cut-out could be saved for Cannes or Antibes, where there is sand and fun-in-the-sun related activities. Here in Nice, it is common to lay down on the beach to catch the sun. So don’t forget to bring a comfy beach towel.

Little white dress

little white dress © Trang Nguyen
White is best for some fun in the sun © Trang Nguyen

The hard part of packing for vacation is that there are too many things to bring along. You might want to limit your belongings by adding neutral items. The white dress should be one of them. You can combine it with almost anything and still won’t have the feeling of over using it.

Hot pants

Levis 501 shorts © Trang Nguyen
The Levis shorts 501 could be a great way to free your legs © Pinterest

Since Coachella just ended, you should use the festival style as an inspiration when choosing your pair of shorts. Nice can get as hot as 28 degrees around noon at this time of year, so you might consider letting your legs breath. I know that ankle-length jeans could do a better job shaping your forms, but isn’t it nice just to show off a bit of your tanned and smooth skin?

The Sun kit

Ray-ban sunglasses © Trang Nguyen
Sunglasses is a must have on the Riviera © Trang Nguyen

Keep in mind that you are heading to a city where there is sunshine 16 hours a day, so your body will be grateful if you bring something to protect it. Sunscreen should be on top of your list. Just make sure you choose a product with SPF according to your skin type. Sunglasses are also needed, direct sunlight and reflections could be a real pain to your eyes. A hat would be a great idea, since heat could make you feel dizzy or dehydrated after a long nap or a walk under the sun.

Here are just a few ideas of items to bring if you wish to visit Nice. Cote D’Azur is a large region with an amazing coastline you must discover, stay tuned for our next blog posts to find out about other destinations in the South of France.

Written by Trang Nguyen

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