6 Hot Ways To Rock The 90’s Trend

Whether you were born in the 1990’s or not, you may have noticed that a lot of bloggers and trendsetters are rocking awesome trends that were hot in the 90’s. So play some Boys II men, channel your inner Cindy Crawford and follow our advice to look hot this summer. 

1. Choker Necklaces

This trend was huge back then, and guess what they are back this season. The best part is that you can totally make them yourself, just by using an old piece of cloth and tie it around your neck.
Pictures via Pinterest

2. Mom Jeans

High waisted light denims are everywhere this spring. It might not be the most flattering trend out there but mom jeans are very comfortable. Steel them from your mum and add a modern twist just by cutting them roughly in the bottom.
Pictures via Pinterest

3. Slogan Tees

Pepsi, Gun’N’Roses, Tommy Hilfiger or your favourite basketball team, printed t-shirts are really easy to pull off and are everywhere in stores.
Pictures via Pinterest

4. The Western Belt

Seen on all the coolest bloggers at Coachella, black western belts are probably one of SS16’s biggest trends. Use it around your waist to tighten a loose summer dress, for a rock but still very chic and feminine look.
Pictures via Pinterest

5. Bandana

Huge throwback, the bandana scarf was everywhere in the 1990’s. Most celebrities used to wear it on their head. This season, rock the bandana around your neck, wear it on your wrist like a bracelet, or use it to pimp your handbag.
Pictures via Pinterest

6. Slip Dress x White Tee

If you used to watch TV shows like Friends or Sex And The City, then you’ll probably remember this trend. You can either style your slip dress, or top, on a white t-shirt or regular shirt.
Pictures via PinterestWritten by Amina Sutter

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