5 Fashion Apps You Should Download

The days are gone where you needed a print fashion magazine to dictate your style and look. Now everything is literally at your fingertips as the world is going digital. There’s an app for pretty much anything … and I mean ANYTHING. Due to this reason, it’s always hard to know which app is worth downloading. So to avoid getting useless apps that you might end up deleting after a while, let us help you select fabulous fashion apps that wouldn’t make you want to trade your iPhone for a Blackberry.

1. Stylect:

Photocredit © stylect.com

Commonly known as ‘‘the tinder for shoes’’. This application allows you to swipe through and select from over 50,000 different shoe styles, ranging from luxury designers like Christian Louboutin to more affordable designers like Nike— all based on your style and preferences. You can also create a wish-list and purchase directly through the app.

2. Pose:

Photocredit ©unionpuebla.com

This app allows you to see what others are wearing based on the weather and your location. Pose provides you with daily weather updates and outfit inspirations based on the daily forecasts. You can also browse through outfit inspirations depending on the occasion you’re dressing for – a wedding, dinner party, work and others.
3. Like to Know It:

Ever wished you could buy exactly what your favourite Instagrammers are wearing? Well, wish granted. When you like an Instagram with a liketoknow.it link in the comment, you’ll get an email with shopping info for some or all of the items in the photo. Sure, it’s not an actual app, but it’s practically an extension of Instagram.

4. Stylekick

Photocredit © Jenniferbachdim.com

Stylekick is a personal shopping app. It lets you purchase directly from your favourite street style photos featured from the inspiration feed. It recommends outfits and pieces based on your personal style and interests. You get your own Instagram-like profile where you can upload street style pictures or your outfit of the day pictures for a style feedback. Bonus part of Stylekick’s community: you can meet and chat with style bloggers as well and get any outfit or style advice from a sea of fashion lovers also using the app.

5. Polyvore:

Photocredit ©polyvore.com

This app lets you become a style editor. You can create your own look from thousands of clothes and accessories that you can equally purchase. However, what it really excels at is providing inspiration, because you can scroll through the collages of other members of the app, or the app’s own editorial collections for ideas on how to wear trends and where to find them in any price range.

Let us know if you found them useful!


Written by Yejide Erogbogbo


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