Hairstyles for Men: Summer Edition

The sunny season is here! Clothes become lighter, people become more active, and just about everything adapts for good. Hair styles should be no exception.

We present you the hottest hair trends for men to look and feel cool this summer.

  1. Comb over and low fade

The comb over is a favorite among those looking for a neat and dapper style. The usual is to go for short sides and long on top, though this is the safest bet for the average office guy. Try to make it look (and feel) cooler with a low fade cut. Plus, it is easy to maintain and style on a daily basis, in case you’re the kind of guy who can’t afford spending too much time grooming his hair. A strong hold styling product and a regular comb will do the trick.

© Pinterest
  1. Short textured cut

This one has been trendy for a while, and it’s no wonder why it has become popular with celebrities and real-world blokes alike. With several layers and a shorter length, this style is easy to maintain even without any hair-styling product. The drawback though is that this style only works well with thick hair, so if yours is more on the thinner side, you should look at other ideas.

short texture cut
© Men’s Hairstyle Trends
  1. Textured crop

A variant take on the Short textured cut, the textured crop will keep your head cooler against the hot weather thanks to its high fade, while keeping the volume on top with its layered cut. The sharper edges of this style are somehow balanced with the scruffy texture on top. Similar to the last style, this one is even easier to maintain with or without a styling product.

Texture crop
© Hair Styles Today
  1. Slick back and fade

The combination of hot weather and humidity make this the ideal style for wavy or curly hair. Texture becomes more apparent as the top absorbs moisture and reaches substantial volume depending on the product you use for styling. Plus, the pronounced curves of the hair counterbalance the high fade. This one will leave you looking cool and awesome without too much effort.

© Men’s Hairstyle Trends
  1. Short crop and low fade

Hair down over the forehead became a growing trend last year and it is now at its peak for the summer season. This version achieves the forward fringe with minimal length, being highlighted by the low fade cut all around the head. This style works perfectly well for both thin and thick hair.

Shortcrop low fade
© Men’s Hairstyles Today

Written by David Requena

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