How To Style The Perfect Festival look

Since Coachella ended recently and the summer is soon to arrive we think it’s time to help you style the perfect festival look! During summer there are various excellent music festivals to attend and even though the music is the number one reason to go, the fashion comes right after! We have combined the perfect look for you and added some important essentials to remember, in order to stay fresh and stylish when you are attending the festival.


The Festival Look

When going for a festival the outfit should be comfy and edgy at the same time. Don’t be afraid to play with colors! The traditional festival vibe is normally associated to a certain bohemian style which highlights the feminine character by embracing long silhouettes, bold colors and bohemian details. Combined with tanned skin, this styling will make you look effortless. To finish off your look, make sure to keep the make up minimal.

How To Style The Perfect Festival look

Sunglasses: Cutler and Gross €475 Belt: Ètoile Isabel Marant €8

0 Sandals: Sam Edelman €145 Dress: Zara €60 Top: Zara €30 Shorts: Madewell €110 Scarf: Missoni €160 Sneakers: Zara €60

And Remember…

When at a festival you want to be dressed practically and of course carry your belongings around without being hindered in racing around while listening to the music. It is therefore essential to carry a nice backpack with enough space in  it. A good dry shampoo is also a good idea since you may not be able to access the shower every day. And of course be ready for every kind of weather:  don’t forget a sunscreen to protect your skin against sun rays and bring a good pair of rubber boots for the rainy days, as the  grass can get a little messy!


Dry Shampoo: Klorane €10 Boots: Saint Laurent €395 Sunscreen: Soleil Toujours €41 Back pack: Saint Laurent €1.490


If you have any recommendations for fabulous festivals you are planning to attend this summer do let us know! My own personal favorite is Roskilde Festival in Denmark which is going to take place near Copenhagen in July.


Written by Emilie Elmquist

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