Matcha Latte the drink of the season!

Since summer is coming to Paris, you need to keep hydrated, the healthy way! We have found two perfect spots where you can enjoy a matcha latte. Both in the 3rd district of Paris, take the time to enjoy these spots with a good book or in the company of friends.

Brighten up your day with the creamy drink of the season, a matcha latte. Full of antioxidants to boost your energy, a matcha is the best, healthy alternative for those coffee drinkers looking to stay alert. With a variety of mixer options, choose from dairy milk or the dairy free options almond or coconut milk. This drink is rich in catechins, which are antioxidants that help prevent premature aging signs and protect you from the effects of free radicals. A matcha latte is considered to be the detox treat that will help you focus, improve your immune system and boost your metabolism. Once you try this booster shot, I guarantee you will be hooked.

Season Paris

Enjoy a matcha latte in Le Marais Nord in one of the coolest spots in the city. They also have delicious food, so feel free to make this a lunch break in your busy week, and Instagram away.

Restaurant – Rue Charles Francois Dupuis, 75003

Take Away – 8, Rue Dupetit Thouars, 75003

©Season Paris

©Marilyn Rios
Matcha Bowl at season Paris


Situated close to République, this modern salon de thé is paired with a shop where you can buy Japanese products. They sell Matcha powder here, so you can prepare some dishes using the flavour of this season in the comfort of your own home.

22 Rue Béranger, 75003

© Marilyn Rios
Matcha Latte and Matcha Cheesecake at Umami Paris


Written By Marilyn Rios


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