4 Vacations 4 Ways to pack

Whether you are planning to relax on an exotic beach, getting lost in the big city, are off on an unknown adventure, the question always pops up: What do I need to pack? Here’s a guide on how to pack for any type of vacation, because regardless the destination,  you always want to look completely fabulous!

1. The Beach Holiday

If you are planning to go to a beach this summer you obviously need to prepare for the sun. A strong sunscreen, sassy sunglasses and a hat, are obvious choices to chuck in the bag first. Basics out the way, let’s get down to your look. A light dress to slip into after a swim and comfy sandals serve for any beach formality. Last but not least, don’t forget to pack a magazine and your headphones, keeping you entertained and relaxed at the same time.

Check out our posts on Nice and Cannes for more on ‘destination sunshine’ in the South of France.

Beach Vacation

Trolley: Louis Vuitton €2500 Headphones: B&O €300 Headband: Missoni €90 Hat: Eugenia Kim  €440 Magazine: The Gentlewoman €20 Sunglasses: Sheriff & Cherry €220 Dress: Zara €60 Bikini Top: LoveStories €65  Bikini Brief: LoveStories €45 Bag: Kayu St Tropez €131 Sunscreen: La Roche-Posay €30 Sandals: Isabel Marant €500

2. Explore the Big City

If you haven’t figured out which city to get lost in, check out the travel guides from Louis Vuitton. This inspirational guide to all the bustling destinations around the world focuses on travel from a fashion perspective. Time to pack? Think of combining comfy and stylish, a good pair of sneakers is the perfect start. Trendy sunglasses to complement your day look and that dashing dress finished off with bedazzled stilettos complete your evening look. Don’t forget to capture your outfits with a Polaroid camera!


City Vacation

Trolley: Louis Vuitton €2500 Sunglasses: Dior €500 Sneakers: Marni €390 Travel Guide: Louis Vuitton Complete €530 Dress: Zara €40 Camera: PolaroidSnap €115 Sweater: Zara €34 Bag: Gucci €1200 Stillettos: Aquazzura €675

3. Unknown Adventure

When setting out on an adventure, comfort takes priority. An oversized shirt, denim shorts and somewhat flashy sneakers are key to catering for all occasions.  Layer on the sunscreen, because it’s been a long winter, grab those trendy glasses and your dads’ straw hat. Don’t forget your backpack for all those keep sakes you find along the way.

Adventure Vacation

Trolley: Louis Vuitton €2500 Backpack: Louis Vuitton Palm Spring Backpack €1.685 Hat: Hat Attack €149 Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples The Row €350 Sunscreen: Nivea €30 Shorts: Zara €35 Shirt: Zara €40 Top: Zara €25 Sneakers: Adidas Originals €350

4. Summer Break

School’s out and it’s time for relaxation to set in, a summerhouse getaway my favourite way to chill and travel at the same time. That good book you’ve been wanting to get stuck into, well you’ll finally have time to read it. It’s also time to treat yourself, so make sure to pack  your spa essentials. Fill up the space in your luggage bag with a comfy sweater, maxi dress, a soft towel and a flattering bathing suit – you might fancy someone down by the pool.

Summerhouse Vacation

Trolley: Louis Vuitton €2500 Scarf: Gucci For Net-A-Porter €365 Sweater: The Elder Statesman €795 Kimono: Carine Gilson €1.450 Book: Love Style Life Book €23  Maxi Dress: Zara €35 Bathing Suit: Totême €125 Towel: Totême €120 Body Scrub: Karmameju €40 Sandals: Valentino €630


Written by Emilie Elmquist

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